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May 7, 2022

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Warming up to you, starring Cindy Busny and Christopher Russell premieres May 7 on Hallmark!

Kate (Busby) is a fitness instructor who leaves Los Angeles to take a job at her best friend’s wellness retreat. To her surprise, A-list actor Rick (Russell) is assigned by the studio to come and train with her to get ready for his new feature film. Not only does the duo make a breakthrough athletically, but they equally break through some personal walls and find an unexpected friendship that is put at risk when Rick’s co-star, Liza (Caitlin Stryker, “A Million Little Things”), is also sent to train with Kate.

Downton Abbey – A New Era: Lady Edith and Bertie will be much more relaxed and close! – INTERVIEW

The sequel film to Downton Abbey – A New Era – literally marks a revolution for the Crawley family estate, which will have to deal with the arrival of a film company that has chosen Downton as the location for a silent film – one of the last. This event generates great uproar among the servants, as well as the family. In view of the movie premiere, Laura Carmichael and Harry Hadden-Paton teased us what to expect from the characters of Lady Edith and Lord Bertie Hexam in Downton Abbey – A New Era!