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Euphoria star Hunter Schafer and her message to trans youth in Texas

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer and her message to trans youth in Texas

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer shared an important message to trans youth in Texas, where anti-trans laws are being passed.

Speaking to Variety at the “Euphoria” Emmys FYC event at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles Wednesday, Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules on the show, offered her advice to trans youth who may be frightened for their futures.

“I lived in North Carolina when House Bill 2 was passed over there, and it was illegal for me to use the women’s restroom,” Schafer said. “So I’ve been there. It’s fucking gross, it’s awful. I think just stand firm in what you believe in.” As she pointed to her heart, Schafer added, “That’s in here, and their bullshit rules can’t change that. That’s the real shit.”

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer and her message to trans youth in Texas

Schafer’s experience as a co-writer

Schafer’s character on the HBO show is also transgender, the complexities of which have been explored deeply on the show, most notably in a special episode that Schafer co-wrote in 2020 with creator Sam Levinson.

“It sort of just happened naturally,” Schafer said. “We were just talking about thematic stuff or a potential Jules special episode and then I was going though some poetry and we were kind of just shooting the shit. He was just eventually like, ‘You know, this kind of sounds like dialogue, do you want to write this together?’ It just sort of flowed and happened, but I was thrilled, and it’s to this day one of the most cathartic artistic experiences I’ve had.”

As to whether she’ll write for the show’s third season, Schafer said Levinson “has a very particular way of working that I don’t know if I could interrupt in the same way.” She added that the two “still have a great creative rhythm together that exists outside of the writing room.”

What matters to her is the trans community an their perception

Schafer said she doesn’t pay much mind to others’ opinions of the show, but she noted one exception.

“When I think about my community and particularly trans youth, their perception of it matters to me,” Schafer said. “So it feels really good to feel seen and know that they might feel seen by what we do with Jules.”

Watch the full interview below or at this link

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Source: Variety

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