Privacy Policy This Is Us Season 6: Preview on Episode 16! - WATCH

This Is Us Season 6: Preview on Episode 16! – WATCH

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On May 10, 2022, This Is Us will be back on TV with another episode from the always-emotional final season, season 6 – Let’s see a first preview of episode 16, entitled “Family Meeting“!

this is us season 6
Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia as Rebecca and Jack Pearson. (Thanks NBC)

This Is Us Season 6 x16, Family Meeting: Synopsis

NBC has just released a press release with a first logline for This Is Us Season 6×16, Family Meetin – Let’s see what’s next for the Pearson Family

The Big Three make a plan for Rebecca.

Official synopsis

An unfortunate mishap this week warrants a middle-of-the-night call to the good doctor. (Let’s just hope that his Tony Bennett meditation session doesn’t get interrup– Oops, wrong Gerald McRaney show.)

This week’s antepenultimate hour is yet another emotional doozy, juxtaposing a variety of adorable wee Big Three flashbacks with the very difficult decision that adult Kate, Randall and Kevin have to make in the future. And if you think you can predict the exact plan they come up with for Rebecca’s caretaking in the wake of Miguel’s passing, you would be wrong. (Also, stay tuned for Beth and Sophie’s spot-on impression of a Randall/Kevin argument!)

Promotional pictures for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16, Family Meeting!

NBC hasn’t released the promotional pictures for This Is Us Season 6×16 Family Meeting yet – We will added them as soon as they will be available. Let’s see what’s next for the Pearson Family.

Promo and sneak peeks!

NBC has released the promotional clips for This Is Us Season 6×16 Family Meeting – You will find them below. Let’s see what’s next for the Pearson Family.

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