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Will “Conversations With Friends” have a season 2?

Lenny Abrahamson on his choice to make "Conversations With Friends" a TV show instead of a feature film

Hulu dropped all the Conversations With Friends episodes on May, 15: now fans are starting to wonder if the series will have a season 2.

Starring Alison Oliver, Joe Alwyn, Sasha Lane, and Jemima Kirke, the drama tells the story of two best friends (and former girlfriends) as they form a friendship with a married couple. Things get a little complicated when strong feelings turn into an affair that changes the group’s entire dynamic.

The series is based on anovel by Sally Rooney, the same author who gave us Normal People. Normal People was turned into a tv show, starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal.

Will "Conversations With Friends" have a season 2?

It would seem that the series is a one-season deal

Juat like its cousin series Normal People, it seems like Conversations With Friends won’t have a season 2.

“All our lives are unfinished stories until we shuffle off ultimately,” executive producer Ed Guiney points out. “And there’s something I think very satisfying and enriching about seeing someone’s experience for a moment in time. Undoubtedly, they’ll all go on to do fascinating things in some fictional universe.”

The likelihood of seeing more within that fictional universe isn’t entirely likely though as Guiney adds, “You’re always in dialogue with the novel as you move through the creation of these shows. And maybe if Sally wrote sequels, we’d love to be part of it, but they’re her characters and her stories. So we feel very privileged to get to play in the Rooney-verse.”

Guiney’s fellow executive producer Emma Norton feels similarly

“I like the idea that everyone can have an individual map of where those stories might go that plays in their own heads,” Norton says. “That was my experience in the book. And I like that being just a sort of open space.”

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