Privacy Policy Chicago PD Stars Tease What's Coming In The Season 9 Finale - VIDEO

Chicago PD Stars Tease What’s Coming In The Season 9 Finale – VIDEO

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Has Intelligence just lost one of its own? Heading into the Chicago PD Season 9 finale (airing May 25), things aren’t looking good for Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), who was left unconscious after she and Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) were close to an explosion during the team’s moves against Javier Escano (José Zúñiga).

LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater, Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek in Chicago PD
Chicago PD Stars Tease What’s Coming In The Season 9 Finale – VIDEO

After joking about “saying goodbye to” and “really missing” Spiridakos, Patrick John Flueger (who plays Officer Adam Ruzek) and LaRoyce Hawkins (who plays Officer Kevin Atwater) assure TV Insider that Upton is fine. “Historically we’ve seen this unit take so much abuse whether it’s explosions, nine millimeter bullets to the gut, car crashes and accidents,” Hawkins says. “And I’m not sure if our audience has figured this out yet, but we’re Intelligence. One of us is worth at least six regular cops — ”

“Or nine, I’m gonna up you three,” Flueger amends. “Also, who gets rid of Tracy Spiridakos from a show? You just don’t do it. Also, we’d all be very sad on set because she brings the light.” Plus, as Hawkins points out, “if anybody has Wolverine-like healing abilities, it’s Upton.”

As for what’s coming up in the finale after that explosive cliffhanger, the stars tease takedowns, including one in a funhouse.

“As of late, what I’ve loved about the finale is that I always have this real dope takedown moment. Last finale, I got to body slam Patty in a very manly fashion,” Hawkins says, and Flueger adds, “it’s true. I remember. My body does, too.”

Atwater and Ruzek, along with Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), are a bit on the outside when it comes to the ongoing case against Escano, with Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) most affected due to his CI Anna (Carmela Zumbado). “We kind of recognize that this is a different Voight, the way that he’s approaching the situation,” Flueger says. “I don’t know that we’ve seen him be like this since I guess with Antonio [Jon Seda], with having drug problems, but really since Justin [Josh Segarra], since his son was killed. There’s definitely a father-daughter relationship happening here. And in a way that’s prevalent enough to where I think they all take note that something’s a little different here, something’s a little enhanced.”

At the center of the chaos is Voight, who has a reputation for bending the law when someone he cares about — like Anna — is involved. “You haven’t seen this side of the man in a while, if ever,” Flueger tells EW. “He feels very fatherly and very protective of Anna, so he’s not in complete control in the way that you’re used to seeing Voight.”

For Voight, it’s not just about the present situation, but also everything he’s been through the past nine seasons.

“We’re watching a guy that has had to bury his son, has had to bury his best friend, has had to bury his wife,” Hawkins says. “We’re watching the culmination of a lot of these moments with this Anna situation.”

As for how Kevin feels about Voight’s less-than-lawful side, Hawkins says: “I understand when lines have to be crossed sometimes. I also understand that certain lines can’t continue to be crossed forever. I’ve seen Voight’s growth, especially when it comes to certain situations, when it comes to the physicality of his approach, and now I’m watching a very mental and spiritual breakdown that I have to support. Win, lose, or draw, Voight is still somebody that I admire and respect. And I’m looking forward to unpacking more reasons why Atwater still admires and respects Voight.”

Intelligence in Chicago PD Season 9
Both officers also have to accept where things are where it comes to their love lives. Ruzek and Burgess are never straightforward, with him recently offering up his father’s house for her and Makayla.

“It’s probably always gonna be complicated between the two of them. They’re complicated individuals, so I think they’re just gonna continue to be a complication in each other’s lives. But at the same time, love is complicated,” shares Flueger.

“Ruzek’s proposed to her, I don’t know, 972 times, so I think the writing’s on the wall. I think the guy respects what she’s doing, respects her need to make sure that the kid has what’s best for the kid. A lot of people were giving Burgess a lot of hell [recently], but, I think her intentions are completely pure. She’s not trying to be mean to him. She’s just trying to make sure that the kid has what’s best for her,” he continues.

“Him offering the house, honestly, I don’t think that that had anything to do with them as much as it had to do with the kid. She’s not ever gonna have his last name. She’s not ever gonna be his, probably at least right now, but maybe he could give some part of his life, some part of himself to her, which is this house that meant so much to him.”

Meanwhile, things fell apart for Atwater and Celeste (Amanda Payton) after the truth came out about him being a cop and he’d been lying to her.

A couple episodes ago, he left her a voicemail essentially telling her he wasn’t going to keep trying to fix things. Hawkins thinks Atwater’s done with her, he says, “and by that, I mean he’s gonna do his best to try. He has to accept and live from where we are and not exactly where we want to be or from where we used to be. She obviously feels a certain way about Atwater and the way that he presented himself. And so Atwater has to move on.”

So for now, Atwater’s focus is “to protect and serve at a high level,” according to Hawkins. “Obviously he’s thinking about being a detective. He looks forward to being able to do that eventually. If not be a detective soon, he has to serve and protect at a high level, probably in a different way. And so we know that he’s been investing in real estate and investing in communities that naturally can use the love. So I think that’s where his head is. As far as love and romance is concerned, I think he’s gonna continue to play the field and figure it out, go with what feels the best, go with whatever he feels like can add value to his intentions.”

Will Kim Burgess, Kevin Atwater and Adam Ruzek be promoted?

Both Patrick John Flueger and LaRoyce Hawkins, who of course play Ruzek and Atwater, are curious, too! “[Atwater] was supposed to get promoted. I don’t know what happened to that storyline,” said Flueger, to which Hawkins responded, “Atwater would love to be promoted — and by Atwater, I mean me!” Flueger then ventured, “If we’re going to see anybody be promoted, it would be Halstead. But what would he be? He’s already a detective…” In other words, “it’s always up to the writer’s room,” said Flueger. “We’re waiting with bated breath, as you may be.”

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Source: TV Insider

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