Privacy Policy Two Tickets To Paradise starring Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey premieres June 25 on Hallmark! - WATCH

Two Tickets To Paradise starring Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey premieres June 25 on Hallmark! – WATCH

Ashley Williams (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday”), Ryan Paevey (“General Hospital,” “Christmas at the Plaza”) and Mary-Margaret Humes (“Dawson’s Creek,” “A Valentine’s Match”) star in “Two Tickets to Paradise,” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, June 25 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel as part of the network’s annual “Summer Nights” programming event.


Two strangers meet on what feels like the worst day of their lives. Hannah Holt (Williams) and Josh Wyatt (Paevey) have both just been stood up at the altar, and as chance would have it, sit down next to each other in the park. Meeting each other turns out to be the morale boost they need to commit to taking their honeymoon vacations as they try to turn lemons into lemonade. Soon after they embark, they realize they have landed at the same honeymoon resort and keep crossing paths in tropical paradise. Josh introduces Hannah to his friend from the past, Alice (Humes), who lives on the island and shares her wisdom with the heartbroken duo. Seeing the futility of fighting fate, Hannah and Josh eventually join forces and help learn from one other to enjoy their vacations.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from the “Summer Nights” movie, Josh surprises Hannah with one of the things on her Hawaii bucket list: drinking a fresh fruity drink from a coconut. But once she checks that off her list, Hannah is stumped on what else to do since she’s done everything on her list.

“I’m kind of out of things on my list,” Hannah admits.

“Guess you better delete it then,” Josh flirts back, hoping their day’s adventure isn’t over.

“Delete what?” she asks.

“The list,” he replies. “You’ve already proved you can go off-course. Now you just gotta do it for good.”

When she turns down his suggestion, he says it’s “a crutch.” “You know you don’t need it, not for everything,” Josh assures her.

But she has a hard time coming around to the idea, asking, “Why does that sound so impossible?”

Will she eventually get there?


The movie was shot entirely on location in Oahu.

“Two Tickets to Paradise” is an Island Film Group Production. Jason Sallee is Executive Producer. Produced by Ric Galindez and Roy Tjioe. Dustin Rikert is directing a script by Tracy Andreen & Kevin P. Taft.

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