Privacy Policy Justin Hartley guest speaker at Filming Italy Sardegna Festival! - WATCH -

Justin Hartley guest speaker at Filming Italy Sardegna Festival! – WATCH

justin hartley

This Is Us star Justin Hartley appeared as a guest at the annual Filming Italy Sardegna Festival and spoke exclusively to Hot Corn. Read on to find out more!

justin hartley

Justin Hartley tells Hot Corn about his experience in front of and behind the camera on This Is Us when we meet him at the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival at Forte Village in Cagliari. The series created by Dan Fogelman, currently airing on Fox with its sixth and final installment, will be available June 17 on Disney+ with seasons one through five.

The actor describes his experience on This Is Us as life-changing – and points out that Dan Fogelman, creator of the series, is “dangerous” and had a lot of great ideas.

Directing This Is Us episodes was definitely intimidating. It got me out of my comfort zone because it’s not something you do on a regular basis. But when you surround yourself with people as talented as those working on the series, from producers to amazing actors. You just have to ‘fill in some holes’ where you think something is missing. The really intimidating thing is that you have to give direction to your fellow actors, especially people you admire and love….” 

Justin Hartley

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