Privacy Policy This Is Us and Mandy Moore Snubbed by Emmy Awards Nominations!

This Is Us and Mandy Moore Snubbed by Emmy Awards Nominations!

‘This Is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman and Mandy Moore on saying goodbye to Rebecca

Fans of This Is Us were crying tears — but they weren’t from joy — on Tuesday as the 74th annual Emmy Awards nominations were announced.

The hit NBC drama, which aired its series finale in May, received only one nomination (for outstanding original music and lyrics), despite the fact Sterling K. Brown previously won for the show and personally launched a campaign for onscreen mom Mandy Moore to receive a nomination for her heartbreaking portrayal of Pearson family matriarch Rebecca in the show’s final season.

This Is Us and Mandy Moore Snubbed by Emmy Awards Nominations for Final Season
Mandy Moore ‘s portrayal of Rebecca’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, particularly in the emotional penultimate episode “The Train,” led fans and costars alike to petition for Moore to receive an Emmy.

“The Way Mandy Moore Plays Rebecca At Every Age, and makes me forget it’s not like 3 different Characters is AMAZING ACTING,” wrote one user. “She Definitely Deserves An Emmy At The End Of This #ThisIsUs”


In April, Brown, 46, also raved about his costar in a video posted on Instagram. The actor said at the time he wants “anybody who votes” within the Television Academy to ensure Moore won at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

“Mandy Moore is killing the game, son. She is killing the game and she deserves to be recognized,” he said. “Man, that woman. Y’all know Mandy Moore is eight years younger than me and she plays my mama.”

“There’s never a moment on set where I’m like, ‘Mandy Moore’s too young to play my mama.’ No, she is my mama,” he continued. “And the beautifully subtle nuanced work and the portrayal of someone going through what her character’s going through, it’s just exquisite, man.”

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Source: PEOPLE

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