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5 moments in which Outlander Season 6 would have deserved a Emmy Awards Nomination!

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Just yesterday the Emmy Awards 2022 nominations were announced, but for season 6 of Outlander, the STARZ historical-fantasy drama series, as almost every year since its debut in 2014, everything went and came as if nothing had happened. Although the series has shown on several occasions what it’s made and how the quality of its acting, directing, cinematography, costumes and screenplay is not less than the other nominated, when it comes to recognition by Television Academy, Outlander continues to be snubbed year after year.

Let’s go over 5 moments in particular for which Outlander Season 6 would have deserved at least one nomination at this year’s Emmy Awards!

Fergus’ Desperate Act [Episode 3 – Temperance]

Cesar Domboy as Fergus on Outlander Season 6 – Photo: STARZ

How can you not to get moved by such a heart-breaking performance by Cesar Domboy?! The hard-hitting tale of how Fergus feels worthless, a worthless man, for failing to protect his wife Marsali from the Browns’ attack, and now with the birth of their dwarf son, Henri-Christien, the thought of it distresses him doubly, wondering how he could ever protect him from the life that’s awaiting him.

Jamie and Young Ian share a moment of prayer for their daughters [Episode 4 – Hour of the Wolf].

Sam Heughan and John Bell as Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray – Photo: STARZ

As we all know, flashback episodes on Outlander always presage a lot of tears, and this season isn’t an exception. But what better occasion than the episode dedicated to Young Ian’s Indian history to give us an emotional moment between two men of worth such as Ian and Jamie? The moment of confidence and prayer that the two share touched the fans’ hearts deeply, not only for the beauty of the moment but also for Sam Heughan and John Bell ‘s great performance.

Malva Christie ‘s Blackmail [Episode 6 – The World Turned Upside Down]

Jessica Reynolds as Malva Christie on Outlander Season 6 – Photo: STARZ

Have you also been fooled by Malva Christie? Well, we did. The young Christie, so full of admiration for Claire and a desire to learn her innovative medical techniques, seemed so innocent… Yet here she is, pregnant and ready to blackmail Jamie Fraser to be mantained for life and disfigure his family. Just like her character, Jessica Reynolds, the actress who plays Malva, immediately caught our attention. She alienated us accordingly with an incredible performance and that magnetic, and sometimes disturbing, look accompanied by a nightingale voice.

The culmination of Claire’s PTSD and her confession to Jamie [Episode 7 – Sticks and Stones].

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as Jamie and Claire Fraser on Outlander Season 6 – Photo: Outlander Online

Outlander Season 6 offered one of the most controversial storylines in the history of the series, showing Claire who’s fighting against her constant nightmares and the trauma caused by the kidnapping and rape she suffered in last season’s finale, by means of a completely unconventional method: ether, also known as a general anaesthetic. In the seventh episode, this malaise of hers will reach its peak, showing us a truly immense Caitriona Balfe in portraying Claire’s trauma. This will then lead to a moment of great fragility for the protagonist, who finally manages to open up to Jamie. Are you really telling me that we should not recognise how great such a scene is?!

Tom Christie ‘s silent loyalty [Episode 8 – You are not alone]

Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie on Outlander Season 6 – Photo: STARZ

It takes more than just any actor to be able to bring an enigmatic, rational yet loyal character like Tom Christie to the screen. And certainly Mark Lewis Jones is the best choice we could wish for. A multifaceted actor who can convey an entire set of different feelings with a single glance. As in the case of the scene in which we see Tom Christie observing Claire and Jamie on their way to the Wilmington courthouse.

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  1. Deborah A. Gollihue says:

    Is there anyway we fans of of both Outlander books and TV show can show the Emmy people how very wrong it is not to recognize the excellencenter of this show?

  2. Kathleen Mulqueen says:

    Who ever decides on the nominations are complete idiots. Too continuously ignore one of the best shows on TV is unbelievable. Emmys are not even worth watching.

  3. Izabel Figueira says:

    Hello! In the Woke era Outlander will never get a nomination. Too much old values like loyalty, affection, solidarity, commitment, family (the chosen one, not even the biological). And a
    white male hero on the top of it. No wonder ordinary old souls get fascinated by it. Cheers!

  4. Susan says:

    Boycott the Emmy’s!
    Only way to send a message!
    Support what you believe in !!!

  5. E Gates says:

    Shame on those who nominate for the Emmys. The genuine acting on this show Outlander is superb and has lessons that prevail today. If you open your eyes and pay attention. Let’s boycott the Emmys because something has to be done with Outlander being ignored yet again. The acting plus scenery plus technology plus writing scripts plus sheer hard work of crew is far superior then some of these other shows nominated. Plus the genius of Ronald D Moore. C’mon. Let’s band together and show support for Our Outlander team.

  6. Diane says:

    Yet again……what is wrong with those people.

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