Privacy Policy Outlander Season 7: Alexander Vlahos Teases the Christies will be back!

Outlander Season 7: Alexander Vlahos Teases the Christies will be back!

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“The Christies yourney isn’t over”, says Alexander Vlahos, the actor who plays Allan Christie on Outlander Season 6.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Alexander Vlahos, who plays Allan Christie, has teased Malva’s half-brother Allan’s role going forward as a possible suspect for Malva’s murder, noting that “the Christies journey isn’t over” on Outlander Season 7.

“Whether that means I’m back or not… but obviously Malva’s dead, six feet under,” he said. “For Tom and Allan, it surely can’t be over. So I will say, you know, Allan’s journey on that, there’s so much more that we shot that didn’t even make it in to the show, which is a shame. The Christie’s journey isn’t over. [Alln] He’s a puppet master. He might look dim or quite simple when people meet him, but I think he’s malicious. He’s a puppet master.”

Alexander Vlahos

In season 6, Fraser’s Ridge will experience a time of crisis, which is perfectly in tune with the climate generated by the American Revolution starting up. In fact, as executive producer Maril Davis explained, weather will be a bit like a character on Outlander Season 6. After putting so much effort in creating the community of Fraser’s Ridge, on Outlander Season 6 we’ll see some former allies of the Fraser clan – along with some newcomers, including the Christies – starting to raise questions about some of the choices Jamie and Claire made since their arrival in North Carolina.

Outlander Season 6 will somewhat symbolize the end of Fraser’s Ridge as we all know it, Sam Heughan points out.

“They spent so long trying to come to Fraser’s Ridge and building this place that was this safe heaven for them. Then new people arrive, new situations arise, and it sort of undermines all that. I think we see a lot of things come to roost this season that change Claire and Jamie’s perspective of where they stand within their community. And definitely some of her bullishness and that blind faith in doing the right thing get a little bit knocked within Claire.

Caitriona Balfe
outlander christies
The Christie Family on Outlander Season 6

Among these newcomers at Fraser’s Ridge, it is important to remember the Christie family. Led by the strong and opinionated Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), along with his daughter Malva (Jessica Reynolds) and his son Allan (Alexander Vlahos)

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Source: The Ultimate Guide to Outlander Season 6, Digital Spy

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