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Justin Hartley can’t stop praising his wife Sofia Pernas

Justin Hartley can't stop praising his wife Sofia Pernas

This Is Us star Justin Hartley can’t sto praising his wife Sofia Pernas and explained why he’s so impressed with her latest project Blood and Treasures.

Justin Hartley  praising Sofia Pernas

Sofia Pernas celebrates the season two premiere of Blood and Treasures, while her husband Hartley can’t help but praise her talent.

“She’s unbelievable,” Hartley exclusively told E! News at the Justin Turner Foundation’s charity bingo fundraiser. “I’m in a position right now where I’m sleeping with a woman who’s so talented behind the camera and then also her physical ability that she’s a stunt woman. She’s brilliant.”

“She speaks five languages. She’s lovely. She’s so worldly. So knowledgeable,” Hartley continued of his wife. “Just when you think you’re doing well in life and then you meet someone like that, I’m like, I need to step up here.”

Hartley said he wasn’t able to watch the new episodes in advance

But he said he had plans for a celebration.

“We’re having a little thing and we’re gonna watch the first two episodes,” he said July 17. “She’s fantastic and beautiful to boot. I’m happy for her.”

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Blood and Treasures is streaming on Paramount+ now.

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Source: E!News

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