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Mandy Moore opens up on ‘This Is Us’ Emmys snub

Mandy Moore cancels her tour dates due to pregnancy

Mandy Moore and This Is Us were snubbed by the Emmys, but that doesn’t mean she’s not happy and thankful for the love all the fans gave her!

Despite being snubbed by the Emmys for her phenomenal performance on the last season of the NBC drama, Moore says the most important thing for her are her and the show’s fans.

“I think we were all so buoyed by the kind words that people had for us,” Moore said. “And for the show, that’s what means the most. That’s the cherry on the sundae, to be honest. Like, the fact that we get to do this work, and the fact that this show, these stories, these characters have connected so deeply with people from the beginning and all the way through 106 episodes, that’s the ball game. I mean, I feel like we’re really lucky that we leave behind a real legacy.”

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What’s important is that people connected with Rebecca

“I don’t think you can say that about too many jobs and too many shows,” she adds. “So, I think that’s our biggest takeaway. I mean, yes, it’s fun to be a cool kid and get invited to the party. Like, absolutely. We’re really lucky we were there every other year, besides this year. So, can’t be too upset when things don’t swing your way, and you celebrate the breadth of the show.”

This year the Emmys snubbed the show and the actors, but This Is Us won plenty of awards in the past!

This Is Us undoubtedly left an indelible mark. The show was nominated for 39 Emmys, bringing home four gold statuettes for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson in 2017) and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series (Gerald McRaney as Dr. Nathan Katowski in 2017; and Ron Cephas Jones as William Hill in 2018 and 2020).

Moore was nominated in 2019 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. But while she didn’t win that year, many felt she was at least a shoe-in for a nomination this year.

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Source: ET

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