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Unanswered Questions From Good Sam!

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Among many topics explored and all the emotions that Good Sam gave us in its first and last season, there are questions left unanswered.

Good Sam ended with a cliffhanger but unfortunately, the show was cancelled after its first season, leaving fans without answers.

Unanswered Questions From Good Sam!

While Dr. Sam Griffith was named permanent cardiothoracic chief over her father, Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith, she and her mother, Vivian Katz, were blindsided when they found out who the new CMO (chief medical officer) was. What was previously Vivian’s job had become Griff’s. Meanwhile, a secret from the past of one of the doctors was teased, and several characters’ romantic futures were up in the air.

1. Would Sam have chosen Caleb or Malcolm?

While Dr. Caleb Tucker was on his way to a new job at Boston Harbor Memorial Hospital (more about that shortly), it became quite clear that his and Sam’s relationship was far from over. After all, as her best friend, Dr. Lex Trulie, pointed out, her letter of recommendation was more like “a love letter.” Sam didn’t think it was fair to make him stay, but then Lex made sure he read it. The only problem? Sam asked Malcolm Kingsley for “an official do-over first date.” And so both men showed up at her place (Malcolm had wine, Caleb had roses). Who would she have chosen, if either of them? And how long would that choice have stuck?

Unanswered Questions From Good Sam!

2. Would Caleb have really gone to Boston?

As Caleb explained to Sam, he took the job in Boston because they made him a good offer and he couldn’t say no. And since she seemed to take it fine, that was why he had to go, he later explained to Lex. He couldn’t be there anymore with someone who didn’t feel the same as he did. But Sam’s letter and what would’ve happened next for her love life would have called all that into question. Would Caleb have stayed only if she chose him? Would she have let him or, rather, perhaps, let herself choose him if she knew that would have influenced his decision? And if he did go to Boston, would he have stayed there or might he have returned?

3. What was Joey hiding about Vermont?

As Dr. Joey Costa (Davi Santos) and Tim (Stephen Tracey) tried to move past the paramedic’s cheating, we heard a bit about something that happened in Vermont. Whatever it was, Tim put it behind them when they had to leave and never held it over Joey’s head because he loved him and knew they all make mistakes. Later, Tim commented vaguely about what Joey “did in Vermont” and that he’d been covering for him. Whatever it was was in Joey’s medical records and the reason for him leaving his first residency program — and something the doctor wanted to keep secret enough that Dr. Isan M. Shah (Omar Maskati) was able to blackmail him. Just how bad was it and what kind of consequences could Joey have faced when it (inevitably) was revealed?

Unanswered Questions From Good Sam!

4. How long would Isan have held Vermont over Joey’s head?

Isan, already angry because Joey didn’t pass off a cool surgery like he’d promised, took advantage of what he overheard said between the other doctor and Tim. After doing some research, making some calls, and checking out medical records, he knew why Joey left his first residency program. If Joey didn’t want it getting out, he had to answer to Isan. But how long would that have been able to last before Sam or someone else caught on that something was up with the two? Or might Isan have had second thoughts, whether about keeping the secret or using it to his advantage?

5. Did Joey and Tim have a real chance at a future?

Just as it seemed that Joey and Tim would move past the cheating, another issue came up. Tim admitted he was with Dr. Eric Kace because he wanted to feel special instead of just part of the furniture. And while Joey later said he could get over the cheating, he pointed out, “if what made you cheat is me putting my career first, that will never change.” Their future looked bleak, but would they have been able to make things work?

6. How long would Lex and Nick have stayed away from each other?

It was probably inevitable that Lex and Dr. Nick Vega (Gerardo Celasco) clashing led to the two kissing in a supply closet. Lex hit the “pause” button, explaining, “I can’t go there with my boss, not again,” following her relationship with Griff. She did say they could revisit it when she was his boss in a couple years. But would they have been able to continue to work together without giving in? We doubt it.

7. How would Sam have stopped Griff after his latest move?

Unanswered Questions From Good Sam!

Griff offered the board a third option for CMO in the finale, and the members took it, and so Vivian learned that her ex-husband had her former job. He stole the job, Sam argued. As Griff told her, “the department is yours, but Lakeshore? Lakeshore belongs to me now.” That put them at odds for a second season, and Sam made it clear she figured she’d beat him again — and have everyone at the hospital on her side. But how would that fight have gone down? What would it have taken for Sam to stop Griff? Would he have surrendered at any point? Would Vivian have gotten her job back?

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