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What’s going to happen to Brettsey in Chicago Fire 11?

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Brettsey fans were left wondering the future of their favorite ship: with Jesse Spencer gone, what’s going to happen to the couple in Chicago Fire 11?

What's going to happen to Brettsey in Chicago Fire 11?

Soon after they finally got together, he moved to Oregon to be a guardian to his late best friend’s kids. The couple decided to gave a long-distance relationship a try. But things were pretty hard: long distance relationships aren’t that easy.

Both Casey and Brett were back in Chicago for the finale for Severide and Kidd’s wedding, but it became apparent rather quickly that something would have to change. Casey was happy in Portland, while Brett’s home is at 51 in Chicago. While dancing at the reception, Brett acknowledged that while he has “a beautiful life” on the West Coast, that’s not hers. “My 51 family is here, my work is here, my life is here. How much longer can we keep this up with so much time apart?” she asked. Casey didn’t know, “but we’re together tonight.” It sure sounded like a breakup was likely in their future.

What’s gonna happen to Brettsey in Chicago Fire season 11?

Assuming Spencer doesn’t return to Fire (or they don’t have Casey return to Chicago off-screen) and Killmer remains part of the series full-time, it seems like they have to make a major decision. Will they break up Brettsey or leave them in the long-distance relationship and ignore the problems that come with that? They can’t just repeat what we’ve already seen, only to end up in the same place they were in the finale, wondering what they should do. There is a time limit on how long Casey will be in Portland, though who’s to say he’ll want to move back to Chicago after the kids are out of the house? After all, it was noted that he’s enjoying his life there. Plus, we don’t know how long Fire will continue and Killmer will be part of it.

What do you think will happen to Brettsey in Chicago Fire 11? Should they break up?

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