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Racial incident in Station 19 writers room sparks inclusive workplace discussion

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Station 19′ writers room was involved in a racial incident after a writer’s recent draft of an outline for an upcoming Season 6 episode. The draft included numerous uses of a racial slur by a racist character, which sparked an inclusive workplace discussion.

The script was assigned to a white writer, and the word in question was b—-r, a derogatory reference to people from Latino descent.

Racial incident in Station 19 writers room sparks inclusive workplace discussion


The outline was met with shock and disbelief when shared with the writers room. Tensions grew to a point where the virtual room has been put on pause, sources said. Vernoff on Monday sent an email to the staff, in which she spoke of “recent harm and systemic issues” that would be addressed in a Zoom meeting Tuesday. It was to be attended by Jones, an organizational psychology consultant group specializing in fostering diversity and inclusion in work environments and leadership.

“We will not be meeting creatively nor should we email as a group until then,” Vernoff wrote in her email to the staff. “We will not proceed with business as usual until the recent harm and systemic issues have been addressed and healing has begun. If you are on script or outline please work on your own for the moment.”

Shondaland’s response

“As a company, it is in our DNA to constantly review the culture of our productions and to quickly make changes if and when they are not living up to the Shondaland values,” the company said. “A recent situation in the writers’ room at Station 19 provided us with opportunities to reimagine the structure of leadership in the name of creating a more respectful and inclusive workplace.”

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Source: Deadline

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