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Chicago Fire 11: Will Jimmy Nicholas return as Evan Hawkins?

Chicago Fire 11: Will Jimmy Nicholas return as Evan Hawkins?

Chief Hawkins had quite the evolution in Chicago Fire season 10: he had to prove his worth as a chief and started a romance with Violet. Will Hawkins return in Chicago Fire 11?

Is Jimmy Nicholas leaving Chicago Fire?

Evan Hawkins will be back. The character has been folded into the main narrative of the show and will continue to be a part of the show. In particular, we will surely see him with Violet, his main love interest.

Things got serious between them very quickly, and it seemed as though they were destined to make the jump to legitimate relationship, but the debate over whether to keep things secret really put a dent in their dynamic.

Hanako Greensmith posted a video of the actor who plays Hawkins, Jimmy Nicholas, on her IG stories. He appears in full costume, and can be seen joking with the actress offscreen. Caption on the IG story reads “It’s the weirdo, bacon hands” and Greensmith can be heard laughing about the way Nicholas holds his hands while he’s getting makeup applied.

The video was reposted by the Twitter account One Chicago Updates, and can be seen here.

Chicago Fire 11: Will Jimmy Nicholas return as Evan Hawkins?

The love triangle between Hawkins, Violet and Gallo will probably continue

By the season 10 finale, Violet made it clear that her feelings for Hawkins were not what they once were, and while not overtly stated, the show implies that she may have rekindled some feelings for Gallo (Alberto Rosende). Gallo proved himself to be a loyal friend during the Jacobs situation, and went out of his way to protect Violet.

The love triangle between these three characters is set to be at the forefront of Chicago Fire season 11, based on what the showrunners and writers have stated. There’s also the fallout of the blackmail scheme, and the fact that Hawkins did technically keep a workplace romance from his superiors.

There are lots of potential story directions for the upcoming season, which is scheduled to start filming soon. While we can’t know which one the show will take, we can say that Hawkins will be involved.

What are your hopes for Chief Hawkins in Chicago Fire 11?

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