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the 100. 6X07 Nevermind. Desy’s Review

Just like in a science fiction movie, the Nevermind episode of the 100 takes us into the mind of Clarke, who as revealed in the last episode, is still alive in Josephine’s body. The memories of the protagonist are the background to her desperate escape and as if trapped in a time loop, we are witnessing the most salient moments of the past seasons of the show.

The episode brings back old and painful memories for Clarke, whose survival choices have always been controversial. The tagline of the sixth season read “Face your demons” and showed the two profiles of the protagonist. “Nevermind” is the occasion for the return of some characters that have marked Clarke’s path within the series, a moment to make amends and rethink her sins. From the deceased father to A.L.I.E., the artificial intelligence of the third season, to Maya, one of the victims of Mount Weather. “You like to save people, you like to play at being God. You are not so different from the Prime.” Her words and then those of Josephine convince her to do something unthinkable: stop fighting.

But the most exciting meeting is with Monty, who died to give another chance to survive his friends. Disappointed because everyone has failed to become good people and do the right thing – we remember, this is one of the recurring themes of The 100 – he will instead instill courage to continue to fight. Josephine’s mind is fascinating and complex, but the episode goes straight to the heart of the problem and reflects on the bad choices made by our heroine in past seasons. They manage to find Josephine’s weak point, a shocking event when she was still a student. After being able to control her, Clarke and Monty send a secret message to Bellamy, from whom he discovers the truth about her friend’s status quo. The problem will be understanding how to get it back.

Appointment to the next episode, to find out if they will make it.

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