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Sophia Bush. Inside Sophia Bush’s Incredible Renovation of a Classic 1950s Bungalow in Los Angeles

Anyone who has ever fully renovated a home-like, down to the studs renovated a home, not added new drawer pulls renovated a home-might ask the question of anyone else embarking on that journey: Why?

For actress Sophia Bush, the answer is quite simple. Because she fell in love-with a house, that is: A 1950s classic bungalow with a sweeping butterfly roof nestled deep within the Hollywood Hills. For years, Bush lived next door to that charming abode. “Whenever I was at my kitchen sink in the morning, I’d wave to my neighbor who was at hers,” she says. “Our houses sat side by side in this little nook in the canyon. I made a vow that someday, when she was ready to sell, I’d try to buy it from her, reconnect the land and make a little urban farm out of it. She loved that idea. And now it’s happening.”

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Bush bought the house and immediately planted almost 60 trees on the property. Little did she know, that would be the easy part. With the goal of restoring the historic home to its original glory, Bush set about renovating. “But once you start opening up such old houses, you either get lucky or you don’t. In this case, I didn’t,” she says.

An uneven foundation, outdated galvanized pipes, structurally unsound framing and overzealous tree roots meant that a more complete overhaul was called for. Now, with the help of her contractor Orie Prince, Bush is (re)building the house she fell in love with, one beam at a time.

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Bush’s self-described style is midcentury modern eclectic, and that’s the vision she’ll be bringing to life in the space. “I generally ground a space with organic materials and natural, and then bring in exciting textures and colors with new and vintage accents.”

While the footprint of the 1,600-square-foot home won’t change, nearly every other element of the kitchen, two bathrooms, guest room, and living spaces will. In the coming months, Bush will share her inspirations, her challenges, her successes and her process exclusively with ELLE Decor.

As with any renovation, nobody knows exactly what to expect, but there are a few guarantees: Elegant lighting, terrazzo floors, and breathtaking design throughout. We look forward to sharing the journey.

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