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De Giovanni about Lino Guanciale: ‘He is a great actor, a good person’

During an interview, the author Maurizio De Giovanni talked about the airing of the entitled fiction “Il commissario Ricciardi“. De Giovanni was forced to leave the tv project even though he wrote the script and he explained why by saying:”I don’t share some artistic choices”. It’s been a few days since the release of the last novel belonging to “il commisario Ricciardi”‘s series which is entitled “Il pianto dell’Alba”.

The author kept saying that he was waiting for an Andy Garcia with green eyes pointing out the differences with the comics. It has been asked for the screenwriter opinion about the choice of Lino Guanciale for the role of the protagonist in “Il commissario Ricciardi” and he had the opportunity to give his own advice. The director of Giallo di Sera in Ortina, Romano De Marco, asked this to the writer who said: “Lino Guanciale is a great actor, a beautiful person and a reader of my books”. It’s an important moment in Guanciale’s career who remains the undisputed protagonist of the Rai Uno fiction.

The appreciation for Lino Guanciale and the director Alessandro D’Alatri

De Giovanni continued by wishing a worthy success to the actor with this series, there was praise and appreciation for the director D’Alatri who is actually busy in Taranto for the filming of the series. De Giovanni emphasized the fact that Alessandro D’Alatri represents a guarantee since he had previously directed season two of “I bastardi di Pizzofalcone“. Despite these facts, De Giovanni pointed out that he didn’t feel himself ready to join the tv project.

About Vittorio Feltri’s statements

In 2015 Maurizio De Giovanni indicated the sicilian actor Luigi Lo Cascio or Giuseppe Zeno as the protagonist of a hypothetical fiction, but he wanted to clarify the statements. The playwriter clarified that the reason of such an exit from the tv project it’s not due to the choice of the lead actor, as these statements prove: ” I hold a different position in the packaging way”.
The writer pointed out that it’s legitimate for him to take a step back. During the interview, De Giovanni emphasised on Vittorio Feltri’s declarations about the screenwriter Andrea Camilleri who is now hospitalized in Rome. Maurizio De Giovanni wanted to reply to the statememts made by the journalist by these words: “It’s outrageous talking this way about a man who is dying”.

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