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the handmaids tale. 3×06 Household. Desy’s Review

I’ll never stop saying what a piece of art this series is, even just thinking about such an evocative shooting. In this week’s episode June goes on a trip along with Aunt Lydia and the Waterfords and some even more shoking truth are revealed.

The situation at Household is getting tougher and feelings, powerful ones, are the main attraction. June goes to D.C., to the Capital, against her will at the Waterford’s request for trying to deal with the authorities to have little Nichole back. The situation there it’s even more hard for the handmaids, who are kept under the most humiliating condition with their mouth shut with a gag or a ring, even in public spaces. It seems like this was a shared tradition in all Gilead but luckily it didn’t took place where June was allocated.

June, Rita and the Waterfords are hosted by the Commander Winslow at his house, who has a lot of children by different handmaids (and gives neverending gay vibes): when hypocrisy touches eternity. Serena returned to be the selfish, radical that she was at the beginning, retracing her steps also about her marriage with Fred. I’m still shook by the absolutely ridicolous motivations by which these women are led to be favourable to Gilead. Instead June faces up three very important people during the story: Serena, Aunt Lydia and Nick (who’s back as the Commander Nick Blaine).

The confrontation between Serena and June at the end of the episode was tough and realistic. Chapeau to both the actresses for such an outstanding performance. They vent their anger on each other and while Serena says that she should have put a ring on her mouth since the beginning to shut her up, June replies she should have let her burn. If Serena had died, nobody could have reached Nichole, since June would have never located Luke on Fred’s demand. I still can’t get which side Mrs Waterfor is but i’m almost sure this is the true Serena. The redemption arc is done and she returned to be the pro Gilead extremist we saw from the beginning.

Aunt Lydia will always be one of the most ambiguous characters. As everybody knows, Episode 8 will be centric about her and i truly can’t wait to know more. She seemed really shaken after seeing the kind of treatment that was given to the handmaids in D.C but sometimes it seems like her hands are tied and she can’t do anything about it. I’m truly fascinated by this character.

Let’s talk about Nick. Now he’s just returned in June’s life but it seems like he betrayed her. Despite the fact that we believed he was back for her, it clearly looks like Nick is a Gilead commander in all respects and he didn’t make any arrangement with the canadian government for the custody of Nichole. But there’s somethins that bugs me, they’re not telling the truth in my opinion. Serena told June what Nick was before becoming a driver and they’re not showing us the meeting between the new commander and the canadians. What if he became an secret infiltrator and to be convincing he must pretend to be an integralist? and what if he doesn’t simply trust politicians as he also told June? Too many questions to which the series must give an answer by the end of the season.

June’s trip to D.C. has been really awful and it’s not over yet. What’s in store for her? Are we going to see Nick again soon and understand if he’s now a Gilead commander or a member of the Resistance?

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