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Lino Guanciale and his girlfriend offended on social media: ‘Insults are unacceptable’

The actor posted a video on his Instagram account, in which he explained that he and his girlfriend were severely offended on social networks. Some days ago, on the occasion of the World Kissing Day,Lino Guanciale posted a picture on Instagram with his new girlfriend, so revealing her identity to the fans. It’s Antonella Liuzzi who, as recently told by Talkymedia, works as program coordinator at Bocconi’s School of Business in Milan. By the picture posted by the actor from Avezzano, we can understand that it goes back to the winter period, so we presume that their love story has been going on for some months now. In these last hours, the historical performer of La Porta Rossa posted a video in which he reported to have been reached by some serious offenses alongside his actual partner, and at the same time sending a call to all the people being bullied and stalked. Offenses and insults to Guanciale and his girlfriend by fake accounts. The protagonist of several drama series on Rai 1, at the time when he shared the picture of the kiss with Antonella Liuzzi, took various congratulations by his followers. However, just in these last hours, Lino Guanciale revealed through a video on Instagram to have been reached also by serious and vulgar offenses. The actor first pointed out to respect any kind of critics, even the negative ones, but at the same time, reporting to have been severely attacked by some fake accounts, he defined the real insults as “unacceptable”. At the same time, turning to all the people being bullied and stalked daily, he invited them not to give up and promptly talk about it with family and police forces. A major moment for the actor Lino Guanciale is living a particularly happy moment in his career. Currently he’s committed on the set of a new drama based on the book series written by Maurizio De Giovanni, which is entitled “Il Commissario Ricciardi”. Shooting is going on between the cities of Taranto and Naples, while the direction of the project is given to Alessandro D’Alatri. Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, the writer Maurizio De Giovanni revealed that he won’t write any new stories about Ricciardi. According to the predictions of the eve, it seems that there are all the conditions so that Guanciale can be one of the great protagonists of the next television season again. Guanciale on the set of Il Commissario Ricciardi While the public wishes to see the comeback on the small screen of Doctor Claudio Conforti from “L’Allieva” soon, of which Guanciale is the lead actor along with Alessandra Mastronardi, the Abruzzi actor is currently working in Puglia right filming her scenes in “Il Commissario Ricciardi”. Between takes, the actor from Avezzano can relax a little, discovering the beauty of Puglia and also some typical dishes of the area. For example, he told through a picture posted on Instagram of having tasted a dessert, the “Tetta della monaca”. And it didn’t miss the reply of a famous colleague of the actor, Elena Sofia Ricci, who got to share the set of Che Dio Ci Aiuti with him and she ironically commented: “That’s mine”. Source: Blasting News Please step by our Facebook page SurvivedtheShows too.

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