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The 100: Marie Avgeropoulos promises Octavia will have the ending she deserves

There are only 15 episodes left before The 100 ends for good, but a lot can happen in that time. A lot can happen in just one episode, as evidenced by this week’s installment, “The Garden,” which actually spans a full decade for Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) as we finally learn via flashbacks what happened to her after she went through the anomaly back in season 6. And since fans have always feared for Octavia’s fate over the past 85 episodes, it should come as no surprise that as the series finale looms, the question of whether she’ll make it out alive has never been more important.

While Avgeropoulos isn’t here to spoil how it all ends in season 7, she does have some words of encouragement for fans worried about Octavia. “I read [the script] the day before we shot the finale,” she tells EW. “But what I can say about Octavia’s ending is I’m very pleased that finally the audience is going to see something from her that they haven’t quite seen before. And ultimately I think Octavia deserves that ending after everything she’s been through.”


This week’s episode dives deep into flashbacks that unpack the missing decade (!) that Octavia and Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) spent on a new planet after going through the anomaly wormhole, and how that timeline is even possible.

Avgeropoulos teases that this is going to be a version of Octavia fans have never seen before. “I’m excited for the fans to see that again Octavia has shed another layer and put on another skin this season,” she says. “This is a totally new Octavia Blake; she has become nurturing, self-actualized, and elevated. And those are the only three words I will give away about her journey.”

EW has your exclusive first look at this new-and-improved Octavia Blake with a sneak peek of episode 2. Check it out above. The 100 airs Wednesdays on the CW.

Source: EW

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