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Once upon a Time: Doubt on Temporal Lines.

Good Sunday to all my dear Oncer! This week, as usual now, for the #MagicSunday headline we will talk about our beloved Once upon a time. Specifically, given that the show is paused, we will put under flash the doubt on the time lines in Once upon a Time season 7.

This new season of Once Upon A Time seems to have moved several questions to many fans who have found some inconsistencies with what happened previously.

One of the biggest issues has been how time passes in this New Enchanted Forest. The thing, although the producers had already advised fans not to be there to count the seconds, was partially resolved by a Wicked Witch statement. Just in the winter finale of Once Upon A Time, Zelena confirmed that there are two different time streams. Time, therefore, flows differently in the New Enchanted Forest compared to the one in which we were accustomed.

Another question that fans have questioned about is the magic of the older of the Mills.

In the final stages of the sixth season, in fact, Zelena had renounced her magic to prevent the Black Fairy from perpetuating her plan. In the moment of the confrontation between Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Drizella (Adelaide Kane) in the last episode aired we saw Zelena use the magic. The Wicked Witch has indeed recovered the Dark Curse Scroll from Rapunzel’s daughter while Regina used her powers to counter it. This seemed very strange to the fans, in reality there is an explanation and it is an interesting theory that can be found on the web.

The Source of Power has different reasons

As we know, in the Once Upon A Time mythology there are creatures that possess an innate magic and others that, like Cora and the same Regina, have studied to be able to express their powers. That which the Witch of the West has renounced, then it could be just her innate magic while nothing has forbidden her to reappear, perhaps with the help of Regina, to use her magical talents. Moreover, this theory could be confirmed by the fact that the classic “green smoke” that characterizes the magic of Zelena is not used, sucked and erased at the moment of her sacrifice.

One of the outstanding issues is the presence of Zelena in the New Enchanted Forest. Most likely, the eldest of Cora’s daughters chose to follow Regina, convinced by Henry to once again try to find her happiness. Also in the last episodes of the sixth season we saw a different Zelena, ready to admit to having only Regina, besides Robin.

These small links of conjunction are speculations that can be read from the web and that I myself have learned from the Ciak Generation website. We know very well indeed that the show is not renowned for its consistency but at the same time we can give a little ‘benefit of the doubt to the authors who are just trying to make things more interesting.

And what do you think?

We can not help but wait for March 2 to see how it will evolve.

See you soon,

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