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Station 19: “Lot of Joy Despite the Heaviness of the World” teases EP Krista Vernoff

Andy and Sullivan

Once Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff took over the show ahead of Season 3, Station 19 did really an impressive turnaround.

Now, a few months before its Season 4 premiere, showrunner exclusively told TV Line that also ABC’s firefighter drama “gets hit with a pandemic”, by adding that the ripped-from-the-headlines twist is “ironic because we still have a lighter season planned” than the previous one, in which Pruitt, Ryan and Rigo all met their makers (including Andy’s mother came back from the dead!).

“There was some real darkness last season — so much death. This season, the team pulls together and finds a lot of joy despite the heaviness of the world.”

Krista Vernoff, Station 19 showrunner

Our first thought, after what Vernoff said, goes straight to newlyweds Andy and Sullivan. The woman had just learned that her ill-fated father had spent most of her life lying to her while Sullivan had just come through excruciating surgery with an intensified yen for painkillers. The two of them were looking like the honeymoon had come to a screeching halt

“They’ve both been through a hell of a lot, but I’m rooting for them!” commented showrunner Krista Vernoff.

So you could say they’re safe??? Yes, isn’t it???

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