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Pierdante Piccioni comments on the series’ return on TV!

Luca Argentero, returns to lend face, voice and soul, to Andrea Fanti, TV’s most beloved doctor, and protagonist of DOC – Nelle tue mani, whose second part began airing last October 15. Here to comment on the feelings that provoked him to see his story from another point of view is Pierdante Piccioni, the real Andrea Fanti.

Doc – Nelle sue mani is the fiction inspired by the true story of the doctor from Cremona Pierdante Piccioni (and the book Meno Dodici he wrote together with Pierangelo Sapegno), former chief of first aid to Codogno and Lodi, who for an accident lost twelve years of his memory.

The newspaper La Provincia di Cremona interviewed Piccioni, who told a bit everything that aroused him to review his story from another point of view. There was no lack of recommendations regarding the current health condition, and how viewers should grasp the message that Doc – Nelle tue mani throws him.

“Doc had left in full lockdown, in the meantime everything happened. But the meaning of then is worth even today. A message of hope. There is a doctor who loses his memory and struggles not to surrender to his fate. And this is what each of us has done and is doing in these very long months: at the end of the tunnel sooner or later a light must be lit”.

Pierdante Piccioni

Will it be so in fiction? asks the journalist. Pierdante Piccioni does not fail to respond positively, emphasizing as one of the most beautiful things that Doc offers is that helping us to dream. “In this sense the fiction has already won. I would say that it is a therapeutic message” concludes Piccioni.

Speaking of his current career, Pierdante says he left the emergency room a long time ago. He now works on hospital-territory integration and chronicity in the Social and Health Department of Lodi, where he follows patients in remission from Covid. “The time for hugs will return, normality will return. But if we want this to happen, it is still time to obey, not to think of being stronger. Those who have seen their lives twisted in one day are aware of how important the discipline is: for an accident I lost my memory, twelve years broken away, erased forever” concluded the doctor who inspired the story of Andrea Fanti.

There was also an opportunity to ask Piccioni if at the end of the story his character will recover his memory. He explains how he calls himself a clinical case, constantly under observation, because of all the 12 years he continues to remember nothing. It wasn’t easy years, of course, but with the help of family, friends, and faith, he managed to move on.

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«I’m trying every day, the challenge is to turn a problem into a resource».

Doc – Nelle tue mani airs on Thursdays on Rai 1!


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