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Outlander : The magic behind the scenes of Season 5!

The production studio Goodbye Kansas Studios, in charge for visual effects of some of the best TV series, posted an exclusive video that recaps all the main “magic” they’ve made in post-production on filming from Season 5 of the STARZ drama series, Outlander.

“Our work for season 5 of the successful series Outlander included many great VFX sequences, for example the massive locust swarms of episode 506 and the dramatic Buffalo sequence of episode 509. The season also included plenty of set extensions and DMP work, and a flashback sequence for ep 508 where we created a visual look inspired by silent movie footage. All in all, we delivered 175 VFX shots for season 5.”

So the Goodbye Kansas Studios official page writes on “CGMEETUP”, a platform in which all the representatives of visual effects departments come together to share their work and face each other, a sort of digital porfolio, when posting the Outlander Season 5 VFX breakdown video.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that Outlander production is getting ready to start filming in early 2021.

STARZ published an announcement where they claim they’re officially looking for staff for set of Outlander Season 6. There are 16 trainee positions up for grabs across various departments: assistant director, video assistant, props, SFX, post production and greens.

As for content, executive producers Maril Davis and Matthew Roberts point out that in Season 6, “there is so much for everyone”Love between Jamie and Claire becomes more solid and deeper, and Roger and Brianna continue in their own journey, with something fun and new coming. With the Fraser family coming together more than ever in both love and trauma, we’re getting closer and closer to the dreaded American Revolution. The Frasers and Mackenzies keep putting themselves out there and taking risks to help the people of the Ridge, coming as usual to generating dynamics. According to Davis, even Lizzie will be the protagonist of a series of really interesting dynamics

And le’t not forget, Diana Gabaldon teasing the arrival of a highly anticipated character by book readers in season six: Malva Christie. What more can we want?

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