Privacy Policy Outlander bosses financed the built of a private Covid testing centre at the studios!

Outlander bosses financed the built of a private Covid testing centre at the studios!

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In the car park of the Wardpark Film Studios in Cumbernauld, a private Covid testing centre has been built in order to allow the restarting of Outlander Season 6 production.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander Season 5

The producers of the STARZ drama, Outlander have invested more than £150,000 building a testing centre at their Scottish studios so as to constantly check their workers’ health and allow them to restart production. As reported by the Daily Mail UK, the purpose-built centre has been erected to regularly test cast and crew members for coronavirus. It’s the only way to finally allow the filming of the long-awaited season six of the series to start.

A source said the makers of Outlander invested heavily in this purpose-built testing centre. The total bill, including the vast amount of testing, is going to be huge.

“They’re taking Covid very seriously. They not only want to ensure the safety of the cast and crew but they want to ensure there are no filming delays. The film sector has been allowed to continue because of measures like this, which have been put in place by makers such as Starz, Netflix and Amazon. No doubt Outlander fans will be delighted that the makers are doing all they can to make sure they get that new series as soon as possible.”

Staff, including stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, are to be given £150 rapid lateral flow tests up to three times a week. Employees are only allowed to continue working if their result is negative.

Pre-production for Outlander Season 6 began earlier this month and its cast are due to begin filming in the last few weeks.

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