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Justin Hartley to lead “The Never Game” on CBS!

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This is Us is coming to its series finale, airing in May, and among the cast there’s already who’s thinking about the future. The actor who plays Kevin Pearson has already chosen his next project. Justin Hartley will be protagonist of the new series The Never Game, TV adaptation of the 2019 novel by Jeffrey Deaver, premiering on CBS in the 2022/2023 TV season. The series chosen from CBS is produced by 20th Television with Justin Hartley and Ken Olin, one of This is us‘ directors and producers, through his companies, ChengUp Productions and Afterportsmiuth Productions.

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Justin Hartley as Kevin — (Photo by: NBC)

CBS ordered “The Never Game” for a presentation pilot

Cover of the novel The Never Game

The Never Game tells the story of Colter Shaw (Justin Hartley) a man who travels the country in his old camper van helping the police but also private citizens to solve crimes and find missing persons. At least until the last case changes everything, because this time it’s a personal matter. Shaw finds himself involved in a game of cat chasing the mouse, risking his life to save the victims. 

He’ll soon find out someone’s after him and he’ll have to hurry to save himself. Shaw is a man raised on the fringes of society, educated along with siblings by his own parents, former professors who left the city for safety and taught their children how to survive “The Never Game” as his father called it, at least until he was killed.

The Never Game is an action-adventure that “kicks serious butt.”

Justin Hartley broke the news on his Instagram profile with the post you see below!

Pretty exciting news! Been working on this one for a bit. This is gonna be fun.

Justin Hartley

Ken Olin expressed appreciation for the news through the tweet below:

The Never Game Plot

“It’s about a mercenary, reward seeker kind of guy with an interesting backstory and how he kind of navigates his life based on how he was raised and his special set of skills. Although it’s not Liam Neeson, but it’s very much is that sort of mercenary kind of thing. It’s cool. It’s different.”Fingers crossed and we hope to see Justin Hartley in this new adventure with “The Never Game”!

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Source: Deadline / TV Line

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    Justin in an amazing actor. Can’t wait to see The Never Game.

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