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Riverdale 5×02 The Preppy Murders: review

Welcome back with the review of episode 5×02 of Riverdale! This episode was absurd, not in a good way. Many truths were revealed – totally predictable. Many things don’t make any sense: here we are back at Riverdale with that trash that we were used to!

Archie and his anger issues

Archie is a mess, and how to blame him! However, unleashing his frustration on the punching bag, on his uncle or on the TV is not the answer to his problems.
The feud with Hiram continues. Although Veronica’s father has retired from his business, I’m pretty sure he’ll keep giving the kid a run for his money.
Touching final scene where Archie and his uncle visit Fred. We miss you, Luke Perry.

The Blossom family and murders: a love story
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I mean, let’s talk about it!
Cheryl wants to make amends and redeem her family for the crimes committed in the past to win the trust of Toni’s grandparents.
To do so, she needs the approval of the other members of the family: her plan is to restart the empire of the production of Blossom maple syrup and return a portion of the land stolen to the legitimate owners.
The family opposes it, so Penelope kills everyone. A logical solution, which everyone would have thought of, right? Personally, I’m still stunned.

Lodge’s family business
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After the unorthodox plan drawn up by the Lodge sisters, Hiram agrees to retire as the two had proposed. Are we really at the end of Hiram’s mafia empire? We’ll probably find out after the time jump, hoping he actually went to the Caymans and stayed there. Hermosa will take over the Lodge family business.
Queen of the episode is Hermione, who asks for divorce and decides to go to New York and be a Real Housewife. Good choice.

The killer gene was in the wrong Cooper

We finally found out who’s behind the murders that characterized the last episodes of Riverdale. Of course, the serial killer is Charles. The real one, however, not Chic, which is Charles’ boyfriend, who pretended to be Charles for a whole season. A mess in short. It was to be expected, no one had ever really trusted Charles. But be careful, because he did it for the people he loves. A good serial killer… So trash. After this crazy thing, we move on to the next one.

The absolute no-sense of the videotapes
Riverdale 5x02

Even here, the responsible was pretty predictable. It’s Jellybean, Jughead’s 13-year-old sister who has the brilliant idea of creating panic and turmoil throughout the city just to keep her brother from leaving.
When Jug and Betty find out the truth, Jughead is forced to reveal everything to FP. What will he do about it? Will he report her? Is he going to send her to her mother? Will he give her at least a year’s punishment, won’t he? No. He hugs her like nothing happened, as if she had not recreated videos of murders that deeply shook those who were really affected. Are you kidding?!
It seems to me that the authors made fun of us. I mean, it seemed we were dealing with who knows what mysterious and dangerous villain, and instead it was a little girl. A season thrown into the trash.

A word to describe Riverdale ‘s 5×02? Absurd.

What can I say, we’ll see if next episode will be better!
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