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I present you Riverdale: Death of a Cheerleader, new Mondadori book

I had the pleasure of reading, thanks to Mondadori, their latest book of the Riverdale series entitled Death of a Cheerleader. It is written by Micol Ostow and translated by Aurelia di Meo for Mondadori.

death of a cheerleader riverdale
Italian Cover of Riverdale: Death of a Cheerleader

The characters in the book are the same as the TV series Riverdale that we at Survived the Shows love from the beginning. So we find Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Cheryl, Tony, Kevin, Reggie and the whole band of the CW TV series.

In Death of a Cheerleader we are faced with a new adventure.

“We were still there, the last year of high school, trying to be better, different, to dream bigger. We dared to imagine that there was a world beyond fear and destruction, beyond the dysfunctional boundaries of Riverdale. Beyond destiny”.

About the story

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and the rest of the Vixens are headed out of town for the weekend. So Archie, Jughead and the other guys decide to organize a night of poker at La Bonne Nuit. But a storm causes a power outage and when the light comes back all the money is gone. The thief must be one of the boys, but who?

riverdale cheryl and veronica
Cheryl and Veronica

A few hours from there, the Vixens are ready to enjoy a few days in the outdoors, but when they arrive at the campsite they discover that the cheerleaders of Stonewall Prep and Greendale have organized their retreat there too and with whom they are already on the outs because the former accuse the latter of being responsible for the disappearance of some of their classmates two years before…

After gruesome events begin to occur at the campsite, Betty and Veronica offer to investigate. And when one of the cheerleaders almost drowns in the lake, the two girlfriends realize that they need to move on finding out the truth before anyone else gets hurt.

Final considerations

The setting of the book is the same as the TV series and it’s pleasant: frivolous but at the same time intriguing. The Point of View of the various protagonists that interchange in being the narrators of the story are well managed and credible. This book is easy to read and is a really quick reading considering that some chapters are entirely dedicated to the messages exchanged between the protagonists with a lexic suitable for exchanges between the youngest.

Desirèe Bernardin

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