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This Is Us: What To Watch While Waiting For Season 6!

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This Is Us covers so many themes that viewers can relate to on a personal level, such as finding their purpose in life, adapting through life changes, depression and death, anxiety, adoption, love, and loss. There really is a bit of everything for someone to connect to. Here’s a list of TV series that portray the same spirit that This Is Us has to watch while waiting for Season 6!

From some twisted ones to heartwarming ones, CinemaBlend offers some of the best shows out there for you to stream if you are a fan of This Is Us and waiting for Season 6.

Parenthood TV series to watch while waiting for This Is Us Season 6

Parenthood (Peacock)

Parenthood walked so This Is Us could run. Premiering way back in 2010, this show was based on the movie of the same name. Following the story of three generations of a California family, the series was what defined the term “tearjerker” before This Is Us came along.

It deals with multiple different storylines such as having a child with a disability, dealing with divorce, being a single mother, as well as adoption. Something This Is Us fans are very familiar with.

That’s the show for you, as it has very similar arcs to This Is Us, as well as great TV favorites, such as Dax Shepard and Lauren Graham.

Gilmore Girls  TV series to watch while waiting for This Is Us Season 6

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

No list of family dramas is complete with the mention of Gilmore Girls. It is the story of a mother-daughter duo named Lorelai and Rory who are so close that they are basically BFFs. The series explores themes such as the development of family, romance, generational divides, and the separation of social class, plus more.

It was praised for how it could relate to everyone and had a mix of humor and drama pretty consistently throughout its run, must like This Is Us. What makes the show even more appealing is that This Is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia had a role in Gilmore Girls, playing Rory’s bad-boy love interest, Jess.

The Fosters TV series to watch while waiting for This Is Us Season 6

The Fosters (Hulu)

The Fosters was one of Freeform’s most popular series, and for good reason. It shows the life of the Foster family, which is led by an interracial lesbian couple, Stef and Lena. They have a multi-ethnic, blended family from all over, with adopted, biological, and foster children.

Plenty of different topics are explored, such as trying to fit in within a different family, adapting to new environments, and learning to cope with change. And obviously, the theme of adoption is tackled heavily in the series as well. This Is Us fans will like this one also because it dives a lot deeper into the foster system as well as adoption.

Shameless TV series to watch while waiting for This Is Us Season 6

Shameless (Netflix)

Oof, you want to talk about family dramas? Shameless is the epitome of it, because they are truly (as the title says) shameless about how their family works. It tells the story of a Chicago family living on the South Side, all of them having multiple storylines. Fiona, the eldest child, tries to take care of them through multiple jobs because her alcoholic father, Frank, is never around and hasn’t been for years. With storylines revolving around drugs, alcohol, homophobia, young love, death, and loss, Shameless can get pretty twisted.

What makes Shameless great and worth the watch for This Is Us viewers is that they don’t hold back from trying to get through things together. Whether that be a new neighbor that is causing trouble or issues out in public. Nobody f’s with a Gallagher and they make good note of that because through and through, this family sticks together.

One Day At A Time TV series to watch while waiting for This Is Us Season 6

One Day At A Time (Netflix, CBS All Access)

It is a bloody shame that One Day at a Time was canceled by Netflix, but thankfully it was picked up by Pop TV. It is a remake of the classic Norman Lear sitcom that was out in 1975. With four seasons to watch, it’s more important to view now than ever.

The show features the story of Penelope, a single mother who is raising her family with her own mother, Lydia – played by Hollywood legend Rita Moreno. Within the sitcom, while funny and heartwarming at the same time, they also cover serious topics that are huge today, such as mental illness, immigration, homophobia, sexism, racism, and much more. There’s never been a more relevant family drama than this one right now.

For people who are fans of shows like This Is Us, this is one of the best series out there to watch. Featuring heavy connections to the real world, and the family drama that might ensue from it, something most people have probably experienced.

Don’t miss the new season of This is Us with its drama, emotions and plots Tuesdays on NBC!


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