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Riverdale 5×04 Purgatorio: review

We finally arrived at the long-awaited time jump with episode 5×04 of Riverdale, called “Purgatorio”!
I say we go in order and comment character by character!

Toni, Kevin, Famgs and SweetPea!
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Finally the authors have decided to enhance the character of Toni (and her interpreter, Vanessa Morgan)! She’s a character I’ve always liked, she’s getting the recognition she deserves!
So, Toni returned to Riverdale after college and became the Queen of Serpents, taking over and resetting La Bonne Nuit created years earlier by Veronica. At her side remained her friends: Kevin and Fangs (who are still together) and even Sweetpea.
Kevin and Fangs are both graduates and Kevin teaches theater in high school, while Sweetpea drives trucks on behalf of the Serpents, even with the help of Fangs.
Toni, Fangs and Sweetpea formed a band that performs in the club under Pop’s!
Another news is that Toni is pregnant, although we do not know who the father is. Could she be a surrogate mother for Kevin and Fangs? It would be a nice surprise!

Risultato immagini per riverdale 5x04

I’ll be honest: I didn’t understand anything!

What happened to Cheryl? Why is she pretending to be crazy? Or isn’t she pretending? Why is Nana Rose treating her like this? What’s this thing about reproductions of paintings?


Archie, after 7 years in the army, is sent home. Or at least, what’s left of it!
You can already sense that he has suffered traumas that he will have in himself maybe forever and that we will surely see again during the season.
Obviously, he wants to fix Riverdale, like a good hero who respects himself. He hasn’t changed much…


Betty’s at Quantico and she’s an FBI recruit. I’m happy with this choice, because she has always liked solving mysteries has always been good at it. However, we learn that she was kidnapped by a killer, an event that deeply affected her. She too, like Archie, has suffered a serious trauma and I think that this thing they have in common (albeit sad) will bring them closer together. I also think that we will see Archie and Betty as a couple during the season (although I personally am not thrilled: team Bughead!).


Veronica’s life has become the smashed copy of her mother’s life: when you say “like mother, like daughter”!
Her husband seems very toxic, I already do not like him. I’m sure he’ll be very possessive, probably when he meets Archie, as we had anticipated.
I didn’t quite understand Veronica’s work: she works in a jewelry store, but I caught something shady… Ah, and Katy Keene is mentioned!
Her husband Chadwick works on Wall Street, where she used to work too. After the couple was the victim of a helicopter accident, Veronica’s husband preferred that she changed job. Mah.
Besides, our V doesn’t want to hear about kids right now, unlike her husband.


Jughead has become the classic writer with writer’s block, who drinks, has little money and lives in chaos. A cliché I honestly didn’t like.
After the publication of his first successful novel, he is lost. He has a girlfriend who leaves him (and how to blame her!), the same night he sleeps with another girl who, in reality, has only exploited him for his connections with the publishing world.

Finally, the protagonists all meet at Pop’s after 7 years for a special occasion: Pop’s retirement! I admit that they made us a bad joke: I thought he was dead at the beginning! When I saw him it was a relief!
Archie made me laugh a lot, he brings everyone together and then asks them to “save Riverdale”: it’s been 7 years, each of them has a life, a job, lives in a different place. How can you ask such a thing as if nothing had happened? Trash.

What do you think of this episode 5×04 of Riverdale?
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