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The Bold Type. 2×01 Feminist Army. Review

Good Sunday to all my dear followers. We are opening today, in view of the summer, a new column in our blog the reviews on the TV series The Bold Type. Season premiere is called Feminist Army.

What happened in Feminist Army?

We reached Season 2 of this show I have watched since the first episode with assiduity. The product is fresh, genuine and with that “young” touch that helps you to really get into their world. The three protagonists united by the editorial staff of the newspaper where they work “Scarlet”. Very different from one another but so similar: Kat, Sutton and Jane show us how friendship, love, career and unbridled fun are.

Kat is the alternative of the group is the young Head of social media of the company, straight before being attracted by an enigmatic Arab woman. Sutton is a mature girl who finds herself making an important and risky choice of her career moving from the marketing department where she is well paid to the fashion department, her great passion and secret lover Richard Hunter a Scarlet director. And finally, Jane is the shyest of the three and works as a journalist at Scarlett but decides to resign and has a lively love life but not too much.

We find ourselves now with interesting news and inevitable changes in the daily life of the three. Kat has just been in Perù for two week with the woman she loves. Now she has love life regulated by US immigration office. Sutton decides despite a smart move by Richard to give up their relationship forever while Jane faces her new life as a journalist at Incite. I can not wait to see how their situations will evolve: the final twist in which Jane discovers that her first article has been heavily modified by her editor without her consent announcing never-ending drama.

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