Are the Pearson super moms the future of This Is Us Season 5?

Episode 10, I’ve got This ends with a phone call between Kate and Rebecca. Kate, right from the first few seasons, has never hidden her attachment to her father, Jack, her “Super dad”. Rather than her relationship with Rebecca, which has always been one of the most controversial in the series. We find out though in this case that the Pearson super moms really have something in common on This is us Season 5.

Kate Pearson

During the seasons of This Is Us, however, the relationship between Kate and Rebecca seems to have been getting better and better. Although there have always been clashes, Kate’s growth and maturity, but above all her difficult motherhood, have been reasons for a mutual rapprochement between mother and daughter.
At the end of this episode, the umpteenth difficulty that presents itself to Kate, namely Toby’s dismissal at the same time as the arrival of little Haley Rose, prompts her to reflect on her own childhood and adolescence in the Pearson household.

Kate thinks about how difficult it must have been for Rebecca to make sure that their children never lacked for anything, despite the fact that they weren’t making a fortune on Jack’s salary alone. She also decides to call her mother to thank her for the strong, silent love she put into every little bit of attention.

Jack and Rebecca Pearson

As mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart, “How did you do that?” asks Kate, we see flashbacks to when Rebecca wore the role of “undercover supermom”, taking control of the family’s finances.
In the present storyline, Rebecca encourages Kate to take action. She also points out she’s a supermom as well, and has proven herself to be up to every difficulty on her way.

With this beautiful ending, do the writers want to tell us the conflicts between Kate and Rebecca are now water under the bridge? Is their relationship now solidified?

Co-executive producers Casey Johnson and David Windsor had this to say in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

WINDSOR: What was really satisfying for us was thinking about how to show that realization for Kate after everything she’s been through, like, “Wow, Dad was really the hero of our lives, but all of a sudden I realized that Mom was doing so much of her hero work.” Making her realize that it was really a great opportunity to bring them closer together and heal whatever rift was going on between them.

JOHNSON: Also we were interested in telling the generational story between how Rebecca fit into her family and now, what will Kate’s role be in hers? And how does that change now that she’s received that encouragement from her mother. Because of that phone call, she is able to take a leap and try something different. This emerged from many conversations in the writers’ room, with some female writers, talking about the differences between their mothers’ experiences and their own experiences, and how much has changed in a generation.

So the question that remains is: what will Kate’s role be within her family after this phone call? Will she listen to Rebecca and get the family back on track in typical Pearson supermom style?

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