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Meredith and Derek’s dream wedding on Grey’s Anatomy Season 17!

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In the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy Good as Hell Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) finally comes out of the coma in which she fell because of coronavirus. Before leaving the dream beach though Meredith couldn’t but give farewell to her beloved husband: Derek (Patrick Dempsey).

Derek & Meredith.

The final confrontation between the two was, it should be said, magical. The words they told each other were words of authentic love, and the words that Derek tells her make it clear how much he loves her and will ever love her. We know it’s probably just a figment of his beloved’s imagination, but this moment fills up the fans’ heart.

“I came to the hospital”, says Meredith.

“I know”, he confirms.

Meredith and Derek

“You could hear?” she asks.

“Not through my ears, dying is exhausting. You know that point as a surgeon… you’ve done everything for your patient. I could try and will them to fight, will them to live but I never understood the level of exhaustion. There comes a point where the desire to rest overrides the desire to live. You got that, you gave me permission to go, you told me it was okay, you got me, you gave me everything I needed until my last breath.

People loves you. They need you.

Derek to Meredith in the dream beach sequence

Then comes the much-anticipated wedding scene on the beach, the one they wished for so many years before and they wished for their daughter.

Meredith and her daughter Zola

But it’s not the time for her to join him yet. The children need her and she doesn’t want to leave them.

After saying goodbye to her husband, she wakes up with Zola right next to her. Meredith and Derek’s eldest daughter, who was called by Winston, Maggie’s boyfriend, in a desperate attempt to wake her up from coma after everything doctors have done didn’t work out.

“We love you” she tells her daughter.

What do you think about all these scenes for MerDer fans?

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