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Outlander’s Richard Rankin reveals Scotland’s best off-grid staycations!

After spending the last year living sedentary and in front of a screen, who doesn’t want a good holiday away from everything and everyone? Thanks to Shackleton Whisky, Outlander star, Richard Rankin had the chance to enjoy an off-grid holiday in Scotland!

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Rankin shared with The his experience, and photography, in one of Scotland’s many off-grid staycations, ahead of the launch of an interactive map created right by Shackleton Whisky to address people to take refugee in a range of locations that are ideal for switching off.

Richard Rankin on Instagram

“My screen time went through the roof over the last year. Everything had to be done on video calls – from work to seeing family and friends. But now that travel restrictions are lifting, the opportunity to get offline is ideal – no signal, no Wi-Fi; just great chat and great whisky. For me, The Shackleton Whisky’s off-grid getaway was the perfect balance of gritty adventure, relaxation, and the chance to explore the great outdoors and snap some of my own photos.”

Richard Rankin on his experience in one of The Shackleton Whisky’s off-grid getaway

The map will give people the chance to swap months of video calls, social media, and emails, for uninterrupted, signal-free getaways at forest cabins, tree-house retreats, and accommodation only accessible by boat or long hikes.

Richard Rankin via Instagram

Locations on the map have been chosen because they receive poor or no 3G, 4G or 5G signal within the surrounding area. So, guests can really switch off. For those looking for something extra off-grid, The Shackleton Whisky has created a free private experience, set up at a hidden, remote location. Guests of this secret offering will only find out where they’re going after booking for free via Instagram – and will then have to undertake a mini-adventure to get there.

Now Shackleton whisky are giving groups of up to six the chance to book a free stay through the brand’s Instagram page

Scotland’s off-grid staycations map includes

  • Guardswell Farm – An off-grid haven for those who love stargazing, peaceful surroundings, and a chance to watch the world go by.
  • The Lazy Duck  – ‘Come home to slow living’ – the Lazy Duck is a 25 year old organically grown retreat that has ecology and wellbeing at its core.
  • Lower Polnish – “Recently renovated with a glass extension and panoramic views – who needs neighbours when you have a place to stay like this.
  • Pilot Panther – A restored 1950’s Pilot Panther showman’s wagon – with an authentic retro vibe and wood-burner, the wagon is a cosy getaway with ever-changing stunning views over Loch Voil.
  • Laggan – This place is seriously off-grid – think paraffin lamps, gas cooker, and fridge. It’s only readily accessible by boat – previous boating skills essential.
  • Treehouse – A lodge in a beautiful woodland setting. It features a high level deck and stunning views over the Cairngorm Mountains.
  • Sanderling Cottage – Sanderling offers fantastic access to some splendid coastal hikes, wonderful woodland walks, and other spots of untouched countryside. 

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