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Grey’s Anatomy: Drew and Williams root for a Japril spin-off on the Avery Family!

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Grey’s Anatomy stars Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams are rooting for a Japril spin-off series and it seems that the one linked to the Avery family in Boston is on the short list.

A Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series all on the Avery foundation

Krista Vernoff seems to be working already on several ideas, including that following Jackson, April and Koracick in their adventure in Boston. The background to the story in fact would be really original: a group of people working in a foundation dealing with equity in health care.

“Krista and the team are really digging deep and finding out what that looks like. They are noodling ideas, and I can’t wait to, when we land on what that is to introduce the next phase of Grey’s Anatomy. We will find the next version that will take it to the next 18 years. We’re working on for right now, and there’s no better brains to figure it out than Krista and Shonda.”

ABC Signature President Jonnie Davis

Jesse Williams seems excited at the idea of a spin-off series with his character Jackson Avery as lead

The actor who gave his sould and face to portray Jackson Avery for the past 12 years, Jesse Williams, has expressed the possibility of a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series based on his character’s life in Boston.

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We’ll see. I’m not entirely sure. There is certainly a part of me that is compelled to go out into the wilderness as well [as Jackson] and do something different and new, so I’m very excited to do that. That said, I’m really proud of the work and the character I’ve created here in this world, and I get [fans’ interest]. That would be a damn interesting and meaty spinoff with incredibly talented actors in a world that I don’t see reflected in television as far as equity in medicine and the actual role that the medical community plays in impacting our livelihoods, so there is something there. I don’t begrudge it. So we’ll see. We’ll see.

Jesse Williams to Tv Line.

Even Sarah Drew, April Kepner, was willing and enthusiastic to the idea of a spin-off on the Avery family

Sarah Drew had previously talked about a potential spin-off series, by thinking that “Japril” at the announcement of his return on Grey’s Anatomy had immediately become a trend on Twitter. Of course, she was more than willing and enthusiastic to join the potential show.

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Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew.

“They were like, ‘Oh, we thought this was a spinoff.’ It feels like it’s setting up for a really great journey, and I was like, ‘I know.’ How amazing and needed is a show about racial justice in the medical field and inequity and equality. How amazing would that be?”

Sarah Drew to US Weekly

She recently added:

“I think it would be a really interesting and fun story to tell,” she says. “Jesse and I obviously love working together, and we have a really tremendous partnership, so I wouldn’t discount that as a possibility.”

For now then the possibility of a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series on the Avery family is high. Especially because the idea has expanded like wildfire.

She says she knows the fans want it, and she hears their “begging” for a series focused on the two doctors, who were previously married and share a daughter, Harriet. 

“As of yet, it’s only living in the fandom right now,” she says.

Drew would be totally in for a Japril spin-off

“I get tweets from people every day about a darker, grittier, sexier Japril spin-off,” the actress exclusively told Daily Pop’s Loni Love and Jai Rodriguez on August 5. “I’m down, I’m in for it, but it’s not up to me. You gotta go to the powers that be, man.”

As for whether she would return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the future? “I don’t know what’s happening in the story, but I, of course, would always love to go back,” Drew said. “I love my family there. I had a blast the last two years going back, popping back in and saying ‘Hello.’ So, we’ll see. I don’t know.”

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