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World Outlander Day and First Exclusive Look at Season 6!

On June 1, 1991, Diana Gabaldon publishes her first novel “Outlander”! Unfortunately though the writer had no idea itwould generate such a global phenomenon…

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What better good morning on World Outlander Day than the cast of the STARZ drama series based on Diana Gabaldon’s literary series sharing a big thank you and a first look at the new sixth season with their beloved fans? Officially announced by EW, Outlander Season Six will consist of only 8 episodes, with the 90-minute-long premiere episode, and it will premiere on the small screen in early 2022.

“We are excited to get into the editing room to work on bringing the fans one step closer to reuniting with the family back on Fraser’s Ridge,” said showrunner Matthew B. Roberts in a statement. “Filming in 2021 has presented an unprecedented set of challenges which led us to the decision to truncate the season in order to bring the fans the most vibrant and dynamic season as soon as possible. Dinna fash, we will then film an extended season 7 with 16 episodes next year as life returns to normalcy.”

The video posted by the show’s official Twitter account in honor of World Outlander Day shows Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin and many other protagonists of the drama recalling how this day doesn’t serve so much to celebrate the greatness of Outlander, as the phenomenon that it has generated and all the fans of this series.

In fact, each of them shared a personal memory concerning the experience lived since they became part of this huge family.

Besides the main leads, it was very exciting to hear the testimony of the younger cast members, such asPaul Gorman (Jo and Kezzie Beardsley), Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzie Weymiss), John Bell (Young Ian), Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie) and Alexander Vlahos (Allan Christie).

The Outlander fansite is incredible. It’s huge.

Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzie Weymiss)

We get to meet and interact with fans and it’s so nice to meet people who care so much about something.

Paul Gorman (Jo and Kezzie Beardsley)

It genuinely warmed my heart to see these people being so involved in this series

Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie)

I really feel like I’m part of the family. [On twitter] There is already an account called OutVLAnder, which plays on Vlahos

Alexander Vlahos (Allan Christie)

I love to see all the arts and physical things that fans create and bring to us when we travel around the world and meet them… Little Rollos and incredible paintings and embroideries. I love to have these things. It’s really special.

John Bell (Young Ian)
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On the other hand, quietly, the Outlander team dropped a bomb, revealing David Berry‘s unexpected return to the cast for season six of the historical-fantasy drama. Who knows, may Lord John Grey have returned to Fraser’s Ridge with his prodigal son William Ransom, now grown up and a member of the British army? We will find out only by living!

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