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Riverdale Season 5: Is Cole Sprouse about to leave the show?

cole sprouse

Riverdale fans are concerned that Cole Sprouse may be about to leave the show during its fifth season. Where does this fear arise from?

cole sprouse
Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) is missing in the Riverdale Season 5 mid-season finale

Jug passed away in the latest episode of Riverdale Season 5 and this is the main reason for the fans doubting. This may not be reason enough for the character’s demise but there are other clues that Cole Sprouse may leave Riverdale.

Cole is missing in the end-of-shoot photo posted on the creator’s instagram profile

On June 2, Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the creator of Riverdale, posted on Instagram a photo of the last day of filming of the show’s fifth season, the day before.

Aaaand that’s a wrap on Season Five of #Riverdale. So grateful to everyone who worked on this crazy show this crazy year, under crazier-than-usual circumstances. All the writers and directors and editors. And especially our tireless, amazing all-star cast and our beyond heroic crew, who somehow kept the ship on course. (Special shout-out to @robingivens for bringing us home.) Really excited about our next batch of episodes. They’re some of the best we’ve done. And after that, a break. And after that…???????‍♀️???????‍?‍??????????❤️‍??????

cole sprouse

As you can see, Cole Sprouse is missing from the photo. How come the actor who plays Jug isn’t in the closing photo?

It may actually be missing for any reason – professional or private.

Please note that Riverdale is now on hiatus after episode 5×10, and will be back on August 11! But don’t worry: we will continue to update you with all the latest news about it!

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