Susan Kelechi Watson: Beth Pearson on This Is Us Is A Dancer Thanks To Me!

Susan Kelechi Watson, the actress who plays Beth Pearson on This is Us, was recently interviewed in the Back-to-one podcast  and for the occasion she revealed that Beth is a dancer because she proposed it.

susan kelechi watson
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth — (Photo by: NBC)

Watson is a dancer and has been pointing this out to the writers since season one

beth pearson this is us 5x14
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth — (Photo by: NBC)

The actress who plays beloved Beth Pearson has let her fans know her character is a dancer after the input she gave to the writers and showrunners. Her background hadn’t been revealed yet and she says that from the beginning she has made it known that she is a dancer. Only later, when exploring Beth’s past, was this storyline considered for Beth’s character.

But when Susan was informed that Randall’s wife was going to be a ballet dancer, she wasn’t too keen. In fact she would have preferred any other genre by far: from modern, to jazz, to hip-hop but this was the writers’ choice!

Kelechi Watson is Jamaican and they sought out a Jamaican actor to play her father on the show

beth pearson
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth — (Photo by: NBC)

It isn’t the actress’ only personal trait that’s influenced the character. In fact, Susan is Jamaican and the authors have decided to honor this and also pass it on to the character of Beth. In fact, a Jamaican actor (Carl Lumbly) who had also lived in Jamaica was chosen to play his father Abe.

Her mother Carol, on the other hand, is played by Phylicia Rashad whom Watson did not know but who quickly became a role model for her.

If they announced a hypothetical season 7 of This is us Susan wouldn’t be very happy…

Returning to the actress herself, Susan Kelechi Watson states that she wouldn’t be happy if during the celebrations for the end of filming of This is Us Season 6, they announced there will be a seventh one! The woman explains that as an artist it was very important for her to know that at the beginning of the project she was committed to a six-season production so that she would have the reins of her life in hand. Her fate would not have been the result of others’ choices.

Already from the end of filming of season two and starting from the third she began to plan what her next step was. As a professional, she’s very grateful for everything that “This is us” has taught her and will jealously guard it because it has helped her to grow. She will be ready at the end of the last season to turn the page. As early as this summer, from July 6 to September 18, she’ll be engaged in the theater in New York with the play Merry Wifes. It is a comic adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor by Jocelyn Bioh.

What will this new project by the actress mean for her Beth Pearson on This is us Season 6?

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