Why Women Kill 2×01 – 2×02: review!

Why Women Kill is finally back with its second season! Below you can find the review of episodes 2×01 and 2×02 of Why Women Kill, called “Secret Beyond the Door” and “The Woman in the Window”!

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If in the first season we had 3 different stories set in different eras, the second season develops differently. What remains unchanged is that we already have an absolute queen: Rita, of course! Irreverent, sarcastic and I would say pretty bit**y, Rita has already made me laugh several times with her sharp sense of humor. Lana Parilla’s simply divine in this role!

Alma & Bertram

But let’s talk about the protagonist of the series: Alma. Alma is a very generous and very sweet woman: her story moved me a little, especially seeing how invisible she is to the eyes of others. The only one to see her seems to be her husband Bertram, a veterinarian known and loved by the whole city!
Bertram, however, hides a dark secret: he “helps” – his words – people close to death to leave in peace and without suffering. Although I can understand his good intentions, it’s still murder! I’m glad they didn’t take too long on this matter: Alma quickly found out what was going on and her husband immediately confessed.

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Alma, however, given the conclusion of episode 2×02, is not that better. After the accident with their neighbor, she decides to cover up – literally – the whole thing and to bury the body in their garden. This is to achieve her goal, which is to join the prestigious gardening club.

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As for the other characters, Scooter doesn’t drive me crazy. I love Dee, Alma’s daughter, and Vern: besides, together they would be a nice couple. Chemistry is there, so my ship’s sailed! Surely there will be intrigues and secrets!

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