The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: How much do we know about Nick ‘s marriage?

During the episode of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4, which aired yesterday on Hulu, titled “Progress”, a much beloved and twisted character from the show returned: Nick Blaine. He reunited with his beloved June but not everything was pink and white.

nick june the handmaid's tale
Elisabeth Moss and Max Minghella in Progress (Image via Hulu).

Immediately after their idyllic meeting, in fact, in which Nick and June’s daughter, little Nichole was also present, he takes a faith from his pocket and puts it back on his finger. Is Commander Blaine married, but who’s the lucky woman?

“I can’t tell you specifically how long he’s been married. There’s been some time, a few months, that have passed since the end of episode 3 when they last met, to now in episode 9.I do hope people will gasp a bit when Nick slides on that wedding ring.”

The thing is, of course he got married in Gilead. Nick is probably top of the list of most eligible commanders. He’s a power player on the rise. He’s a handsome man of mystery. And Gilead demands its version of traditional family values.

So naturally Nick couldn’t stay single for very long. He keeps it a secret from June because he’s not going to dump this revelation on her and spoil their very brief encounter. And for me, the sequence with June and Nick should feel like a brief respite, a little haven for them to be together with their baby daughter, like a family, away from the pressure and stress of everything that’s going on in their lives. And I think Elisabeth Moss as a director, working with our DP Stuart Biddlecombe, and as an actress with Max, created such a beautiful and heartbreaking sequence. I just loved it. I thought this sequence really humanizes their characters and their relationships.

It’s just for the moment, forgetting about all the epic conflicts that are swirling around them. This is just a quiet interlude for two people who have endured so much, who love each other. Only Nick really understands what June has gone through, but they have to live apart, and it’s just a short time for them to be together as a family before they have to say goodbye again.

Eric Tuchman, writer and producer of The Handmaid’s Tale interviewed by EW.
nick blaine 4x09 the handmaid's tale
Max Minghella as Nick Blaine (Image via Hulu)

What do you think of Nick Blaine’s ambiguous return in the penultimate episode of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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