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Tom Ellis: A career goal of mine is Broadway!

During the weekend, Galaxy Con was organized on the TV series Lucifer, star of the show Tom Ellis revealed that an important goal in his career would be to play in a Broadway show!

In Tom Ellis’ thoughts, there’s a Broadway show and a role in a Disney live-action

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The actor who plays Lucifer in the omonimous TV series indulged in frivolous revelations but also more serious during the relaxed hour of the virtual convention panel in which he participated together with co-star Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze). The actor revealed that at this point in his career an important goal would be to play in a Broadway show. In fact, we were able to appreciate his singing skills in the Lucifer musical episode and I’m sure he would give a masterful performance in the iconic New York theater. But that’s not all, in fact, Tom lets us know that he would have loved to play Gaston in the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” but in the end he wasn’t taken for the part.

What would Tom Ellis do if he wasn’t an artist?


Did you think it ended here? When asked what he would have wanted to do in life if he hadn’t been an actor, his answer was clear. Ellis has always been a sports fan and therefore he would definitely do something related to this world. Tom would become a professional sportsman, just like in his new Netflix movie “Players”, or at best a perfect sports physiotherapist.

And you, what do you think? Would you like to have the chance to see Tom Ellis on Broadway?

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