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Sam Heughan describes Outlander Season 6 as “short but meaty!”

Recently interviewed for the “Just The Facts” podcast with Alex Zane, Outlander star  Sam Heughan shared his first impressions of the highly anticipated new season 6 of Outlander, which is set to premiere on STARZ early next year.

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Sam Heughan and Richard Rankin behind the scenes of Outlander (Credit: STARZ)

The Scottish actor told how it was actually complicated to shoot Outlander in the middle of the Scottish winter and with an ongoing pandemic. That makes him even more satisfied with the result. Sam Heughan has in fact described Outlander 6 as “short, but meaty”, both for the addressed issues and for the difficulty in filming in such a particular historical moment.

“It has, you know, a certain early-western vibes .. we are heading towards the War of Independence [in America], there are also elements of time travel and so much more…”

Sam Heughan on Outlander Season 6

In the last few days of filming, Heughan says, they found themselves filming near Glencloe, surrounded by midges on one high and snow spray on the mountains on the other, which is very Outlander. However, the rest of the time they basically stayed locked up in Cumbernauld studios, near Glasgow. When it happened to go outside, because of the lockdown, it almost seemed to him to be the only ones working.

If you are curious to hear what else Sam Heughan said, find the complete interview below!

Waiting for the first trailer and other previews about the new season, STARZ is starting to fill our days with Outlander-themed behind-the-scenes content. So, we can spend the last moments of this very heavy Droughtlander well.

Last week, for example, they released this hilarious video starring César Domboy (Fergus) and Lauren Lyle(Marsali), two of the much loved and young faces of the time travel drama, who answer a few questions about how much they really know each other. The beautiful friendship between the two is immediately evident and they conquer the public with laughter and jokes.

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