Privacy Policy Will Sophia Bush Join Grey's Anatomy? Camilla Luddington hopes so!

Will Sophia Bush Join Grey’s Anatomy? Camilla Luddington hopes so!

Will Sophia Bush join the cast of the super popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy? Let’s hope so!! It all comes from a tweet of a fan where he says that between Sophia and Camilla Luddington, Jo Wilson in GA, there is a great resemblance and that then Bush would be perfect to play Wilson’s sister!

Camilla does not even think about a second and replies “I’d like to!” Sending all the fans in ecstasy at the thought of seeing the former star of One Tree Hill in Gray’s Anatomy.

I love this!!

— Camilla Luddington (@camilluddington) 28 settembre 2018

Sophia Bush Grey's

Obviously the production has never confirmed this news, but the tumultuous and still partly unknown history of the protagonist could open unexpected scenarios. Jo Wilson in fact has always told of having been abounded by his parents. Then discovering having a sister could create shock and confusion in his life, as happened to Meredith with both Lexie and Maggie.

Grey’s Anatomy is not the first time introducing a former of OTH. We remember Hilarie Burton in the role of surgeon Lauren who falls in love with Arizona Robbins and becomes an accomplice of betrayal with Callie Torres. Last season, instead, we find Bethany Joy Lenz in the role of Jenny, the girlfriend of Jo Wilson’s violent ex-husband.

In short, the Shondaland universe likes the actors of One Tree Hill is no longer a secret. So maybe the possibility of having Sophia, even for a few episodes, could become reality. We advise you to suggest it on twitter in order to get to the ears of the ABC garments, you never know!

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