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Halstead are also real-life heroes | One Chicago

Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Jay Halstead on Chicago PD, joined TV Guide’s Fan Favourite panel at Comic Con International at Home yesterday. During the panel, Jesse Lee told that he and Nick Gehlfuss, One Chicago’s Halstead brothers, were a fan’s one-night heroes.

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Nick Gehlfuss and Jesse Lee Soffer starring in a rescue in real life

During the panel, Jesse Lee told that he and Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Will Halstead, his character’s brother, on Chicago Med, one night were featured in a rescue. Soffer says that one night he and Nick went out to dinner and while they were coming back home in the main street of Chicago, in front of a large building, they saw a car fell into a ditch that was lying overturned on the side.

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The two didn’t know what to do, but they rushed to help the woman behind the wheel. Nick pulled her out of the car and lifted her out of the driver’s window. When the lady, still in shock, realized who saved her, she recognized him, and tried to stutter some bumpy sentences. Meanwhile, Jesse Lee returned to the car, still on the phone to inform the unfortunate woman that rescue will be arriving shortly. At that point she literally screamed. “I’m sure she thought that night she was saved by the Halstead brothers, her heroes!”

Nick Gehlfuss, who plays doctor Will Halstead from Chicago Med, that night immediately thought “this is what it really feels like [to be someone who saves lives]”

Journalist Damian Holbrook asked his guests what was the most embarrassing experience they had with a fan and Jesse Lee’s response was just that!

Alongside Jesse Lee, TV Guide’s Fan Favourite panel also featured Shawn Ashmore (The Rookie, The Boys), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer), Leah Lewis (Nancy Drew), Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny), Brec Bassinger (Stargirl), Mädchen Amick (Riverdale), Camrus Johnson (Batwoman), Roselyn Sanchez (Fantasy Island), and Nicole Maines (Supergirl).

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