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Sophia Bush & Grant Hughes: the love story – WATCH

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Let’s retrace together the stages of the love story between, Chicago PD and One Tree Hill star, Sophia Bush and her new fiancé, entrepreneur Grant Hughes.

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes’ first date

sophia bush grant hughess
Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush

According to the two, Sophia and Grant’s first date coincided with the first Coronavirus test for both of them.

Hughes told through a post on his Instagram profile:

“And somehow through all this I found my person @sophiabush.” Hughes captioned the post. “She was in my life as a friend for 8 years and the pandemic forced us to slow down and stay in one place long enough to realize what I’d been looking for all along was closer than I could have known.”

Grant Hughes

From what you can learn from his social profiles, he is also a lover of travel and adventure just like the actress.

It is not the only thing they have in common in fact the entrepreneur has in common with the Bush in fact is very active in the volunteering field.

He works with the Wayfarer Foundation to help provide “free clothes, haircuts, foot washing, medical services, legal services, a hot meal, showers, eye exams, and a damn good dance party” to people living in Skid Row in Los Angeles for their annual Carnival of Love in January 2019. During the pandemic he was very active in helping first aid workers and doctors during the pandemic.

He helped a local restaurateur distribute meals to the nurses and doctors on the front line. During the health pandemic it was difficult to obtain nutritious and healthy foods. Why? Many restaurants and cafés in the vicinity of hospitals were closed and this made it difficult for health workers to eat and drink during their excessively long shifts.

Sophia and Grant were first spotted together in May 2020.

Grant Hughes Sophia Bush

Grant and Sophia’s first public appearance dates back to May 2020. The two were seen meeting outside with masks, casual clothes and intimate attitudes.

From that moment on, their relationship seems to be in full swing and they have been seen together in many public events. For example, they participated in a protest march in support of “Black Lives Matter”.

In June, Grant accompanied Sophia to the “Tribeca Film Festival” for the premiere of her film “False Positive”.

Grant and Sophia share the dog Maggie and love for travelling.

Bush and the entrepreneur are proud co-parents of a dog Maggie and enjoyed some trips together.

They have recently been spotted together in Italy, in Sophia’s mother country. For a few days now, Bush’s posts made it clear that the two in August were in the Beautiful Country. On August 10, however, the best news was shared with fans: in Italy Grant has asked his Sophia to marry him. It is the couple who make it known through their Instagram profiles, sharing in the posts the beautiful images of the proposal: on Lake Como, by boat in a romantic atmosphere. Their journey then continued to Puglia.

In June 2022 Sophia and Grant get married

On Saturday June 11 Sophia and Grant get married in Tulsa Oklahoma.

They married at the Philbrook Museum of Art, which is housed in an Italian Renaissance-style villa built in 1927. The historic building is surrounded by 25 acres of gardens, the perfect backdrop for a magical wedding and the reception took place at The Church Studio, another source added.

“The buzz around town was Sophia Bush’s wedding at the museum. A lot of people in town heard it was going on,” a different insider tells Us.

Tulsa had quite a few celebrity sightings over the weekend due to Bush and Hughes’ star-studded guest list. Colton Underwood and his fiancé, Jordan Brown, who is friends with Bush, were also in attendance. The bride’s pal Aaron Paul stopped to take photos with fans throughout the weekend. Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who are married to Bush’s former One Tree Hill costars Danneel Ackles and Hilarie Burton, respectively, were spotted getting some ink at Colour Studios Tattoo Shop the day before the nuptials.

How Sophia and Grant first met

If their journey were a rom-com, it would start with a meet-cute. They were on a beach in Nicaragua, on a New Year’s holiday with a big group of mutual friends. Over the course of that week, they bonded over books and education advocacy, but neither of them detected a spark. They remained platonic pals. Nerd friends, who would exchange articles and support one another’s causes. From Pencils of Promise to the Skid Row Carnival of Love, their priorities were always aligned, but they both thought of themselves as compadres, not soul mates.

Then, in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York City, hospitals could not get PPE and people were dying at horrifying rates. Grant was working in orthopedics and had contacts in the medical equipment field with millions of N95 masks but no way to distribute them.

He posted a call for help. Sophia answered it with a tip of her own about a warehouse that was manufacturing hospital masks and gowns.

And in the organizing work that followed, they moved toward each other. It was an aha moment; all these years, right under her nose, was her home. Grant is her person. Her best friend. A true partner.

Do you like the romantic way in which Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes started their love story?

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