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Manifest 1×05 Connecting Flights: Review

Welcome back to a new review of Manifest episode 1×05!
This week’s episode was quite particular – and so good!
We’ve been finally able to see the life of the ones who were not on the plane and I loved every single part of the flashbacks! My favorite is probably the flashback about Danny, Grace and Olive: it may be hard for Ben to hear it, but Olive’s right, Danny is her dad too. I know not all of us agree with this, but I really like Grace and Danny as a couple, way more than Grace and Ben. They simply have more chemistry, just like Ben and Saanvi.

A couple that I don’t like is Jared/Lourdes. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lourdes, but can we talk about Jared and Michaela? I mean, it’s obvious they still love each other! It breaks my heart to even imagine how Michaela feels. To her, it all happened in a couple of weeks.
Let’s talk about Cal: I want to know what his “power” is and WHAT DID HE SEE WHILE ON THE PLANE!
We’ll find out more next week! Did you like episode 1×05 of Manifest?
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