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First look at Chicago Med Season 7 premiere!

Waiting for the premiere of Chicago Med Season 7 on September 22, more information on the outcome of the most awaited and burning issues of the NBC medical drama is revealed!

Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer in Chicago Med

Will the staff warm to interim Emergency Department chief Dean Archer (Steven Weber)?

He’s been in the position for two months when Season 7 starts, subbing while Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) recovers after being shot by an ex-patient. The former Navy officer is demanding and believes he’s always right, so expect conflict.

Though exec producer Diane Frolov notes, “For all Archer’s emotional issues, he is still a dedicated and resourceful doctor.”

“There’re will be tension between Dean and Ethan, but also tension between Dean and others in the emergency room. Dean can be a difficult guy!”

Diane Frolov, produttrice esecutiva

Who are the new doctors, Stevie Hammer (Kristen Hager, Condor) and Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard)?

Frolov describes Stevie as “funny, opinionated and scrappy,” which could explain why her nickname in medical school was “The Hammer.” A difficult childhood fuels her compassion.

Dylan is a pediatric specialist—and a former cop, from a family of cops that includes a still high-ranking dad and a sister who’s an undercover narcotics detective. He also went through the academy with a couple of P.D.’s finest.

Says Schneider, “He will often be caught between his old life of law enforcement and his new life of medicine, which sometimes have very different priorities.”

We’ll see crazy medical cases and storylines!

According to S. Epacka Merkenson there will also be a crazy medical case starring the twins in which Dr Archer and Dr Charles will be in the foreground.

It will also be treated and deepened the relationship between Vanessa and Maggie, in the emergency room.

“We’re going to deal with Medicare and insurance fraud. We’re also going to explore health issues related to home insecurity, and the problem of all-too-often incorrect diagnoses.”

Andrew Schneider, executive produce

Speaking of comebacks, executive producer Diane Frolov anticipates that there will be some surprises in Chicago Med Season 7!

“Neurosurgeon Dr. Abrams, and we plan to have a few surprises!”

Executive producer, Diane Frolov

Chicago Med, Season 7 premieres, Wednesday, September 22 on NBC

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Source: TV Insider

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