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Chicago Fire 10: Boden’s Fate Revealed! – VIDEO

In a series of Fab TV interviews with the cast of Chicago Fire 10, fans can get a preview of Boden’s fate! Let’s find out together.

Boden’s fate is official: he will become Deputy District Chief and accept the promotion in Chicago Fire 10!

Jesse Spencer in a recent interview revealed what fans have been waiting to know for months: Boden will accept the promotion to Deputy District Chief and this will certainly change the dynamics at Firehouse 51. Boden’s beloved character will not leave the show but will be less present.

His office will no longer be at Firehouse 51 but he will continue to have relations with the Firehouse. The promotion is good for his character but it will inevitably make his colleagues miss him. Severide is also happy but somehow sad to no longer have such an important figure in close contact. Who will take his place?

Watch the full interview in the video below!

Did you expect this fate for Boden in Chicago Fire 10?

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